Graphology and the GOP Candidates

Is One of These the Next Presidential Signature?

Forget the scary title of the article. I’ve always been fascinated by graphology. I like looking at people’s handwriting, which is probably considered quaint nowadays. With word processing software, we rarely see handwritten documents. I still love “snail” mail – beautiful stationery, good quality pens, and something to read that is handwritten.

Though there aren’t many fully handwritten documents anymore, real signatures are still needed. Even they are PDF’ed and e-mailed. I do think you can learn something, however small, about a person by examining their signature. After Obama was elected, graphologists weighed in on his signature. Caro Duncan, an analyst from The Australian Institute of Graphology, said:

“He’s very diplomatic and tactful, capable of seeing the big picture and is at his best when he’s handling complex matters. Obama is self-confident and relishes the recognition of his own accomplishments. His ambition and pride is clearly shown in the pronounced and embellished initials B and O. Their size and position indicates a love of the limelight, a love of culture and an open mind to other people’s opinions and ideas.”

Yup that pretty much sums him up.

Anyway, Bart Baggett is a world-renowned graphologist who was asked to analyze the signatures of the GOP candidates. It was fascinating. This is a little of what he said about Mitt Romney:

Mitt is probably one of the quickest thinkers and possesses the largest ego a month the GOP candidates. He has the fastest intellectual ability to process information – thus he is rarely at a loss for words and makes decisions very quickly.

Check out his analysis of each of the candidates – including the three who have bowed out (RIP Bachmann, Cain, and Huntsman). I thought he was spot on.

17 responses to “Graphology and the GOP Candidates

  • Kini

    Anyone’s signature but Obumbles! 😆

  • Sedate Me

    Interesting, but the big problem here is that the analyzers know whose signature they are analyzing. Therefore, the temptation to project the candidate’s personality onto the signature is almost unavoidable. In addition, politicians are so manufactured these days, I’m sure a few have even hired consultants to craft their signature to match the image they seek to create for themselves.

    A much better test would be to get the candidates to write out a random paragraph, stick them in a pile with a dozen commoner’s scribblings and see what happens.

    • Kini

      HA! I wondered where you came from!

      Hows about Obumbles showing us his BC, Grades, Thesis papers, and taxes. He can’t because he has none! He’s VOID! NULL!

      Come on Sedate Me, you can do better than that…. 😆

      • Sedate Me

        I just did and I just left that giant, flaming, turd on your doorstep. You’re welcome.

        But you’re still misguided. My comment was completely in the abstract and had nothing to do with ANY candidate. Comparing anonymous, identical, neutral context, handwriting samples of candidates mixed in with those from commoners is a vastly superior way of seeing how much merit this handwriting analysis has.

        Maybe you need to work on your reading comprehension skills more than Mr Obama, who you seem to believe was given a Harvard degree without ever putting pen to paper. (Psst, he also faked the moon landing!)

      • LWms

        Kini, I have to wonder how uninformed you are, since President Obama has released his birth certificate, financial statements AND his taxes. Who’s business is his grades or transcripts ? Has any of the other candidates released THEIR transcripts or grades ?

      • Kini

        He’s supposed to be Harvard professor. What papers has he written? What are his obvious political socialist beliefs? Inquiring minds want to be informed. I have to wonder if you believe in Obama’s Marxist attitude towards the Constitution?

  • beaglezmom

    I don’t find Santorum “reasonable” in any way – but I think that is an interpretive word. It was neat just seeing the signatures – because I had never seen them.

  • aFrankAngle

    I have to disagree wit – for instance he did say that Bachmann is full of crap and Newt’s meaning is more like an obnoxious fart.

  • Terrance H.

    I can only imagine what my signature would tell people. I never learned cursive, so my signature is a T and then a line, then H and a line.

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