Rick Perry: Sticking by Sticking it to Turkey

Perry Stands by Turkey Comments

Istanbul is probably my favorite city, edging out Marrakech only by a hair. I absolutely adored it. It’s so exotic. Its Bosphorus River lies in the center, separating two continents, Europe and Asia. I stayed at a hotel right next to the Hagia Sophia, a huge cathedral from the days when Istanbul was Constantinople. I remember touring this cathedral and hearing the call to prayer from the mosque only steps away. The city is magical. Writing this really makes me want to go back.

That’s why I shook my head when Rick Perry said at the debate in South Carolina that Turkey is “a country that is being ruled by what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists.” It’s a secular country. There’s no state religion. Even though the majority of the citizens are Muslim, their Constitution guarantees religious freedom. Sound familiar, Rick? And you know, if I felt like it, I could have gone to a bar in Istanbul and downed Sidecars until I passed out – even though I was there during Ramadan.

Anyway, instead of admitting that maybe he doesn’t know about Turkey’s government and their relationship with us, he’s sticking to his story:

“When you see the number of actions against your citizens that we would consider to be terrorist acts, I stand by my statement,” Perry told reporters in a press conference today, after he criticized Turkey in a candidates’ debate on Monday night. Perry pointed to the increased rate of attacks on women, and concluded, “I respect his sovereign right to say that, but I respect my sovereign right to be critical of countries that treat their citizens that way.”

*sigh* Not just ignorant. Stalwartly so. I guess you can be like that, but this is about diplomacy. Essential quality of a president, dontcha think? If this doesn’t convince people that he’s not Presidential material, I don’t know what else he’ll have to say. I know Romney will get the nomination, but the fact that Perry is even up there is really starting to disturb me now. People can write him off as an “idiot,” but some of that crap he’s saying is really offensive.

You know, I can joke all day long and multiple times on Sunday about Governor Goodhair. I’d really rather say goodbye to him.

20 responses to “Rick Perry: Sticking by Sticking it to Turkey

  • Terrance H.

    Rick Perry is doing whatever he can to save that floundering mess he calls a campaign. First he went all John Wayne on us, hawking the number of executions that take place in Texas (as though that’s something to be proud of). Then he went all Christian Cowboy/Contractor on us, determined to rebuild America with faith. And now? He doesn’t even know what the hell he’s doing.

    He’s an embarrassment to the GOP and the State of Texas.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    I don’t think the rest of the world pays that much attention to this clown. He’s entitled to speak out loud, like the rest of us are in the U.S. It doesn’t matter that what comes out of his mouth is pure drivel. That’s freedom. And, in a few weeks, we’ll exercise another one of our freedoms and he’ll drop out of the race. I doubt we’ll hear much more about him after he drops out.

    • Sedate Me

      The right to be a complete stone-cold idiot yet be put on national TV and get treated seriously is arguably the most treasured right in America these days. (If only the Patriot Act violated that right too.)

      What most Americans don’t understand is that most of us outside your borders (at least the ones with electricity) have a ringside seat to nearly all of your train wrecks. Barely any American Idiot goes by unnoticed these days.

      • Snoring Dog Studio

        Well, damn, Sedate Me, we ought to be selling tickets then! (We love watching your idiots, too.)

      • Spinny Liberal

        Justin Bieber? Sorry couldn’t resist. 😉

      • Spinny Liberal

        How truly embarrassing. Ugh.

      • Sedate Me

        A high percentage of our idiots get caught in America’s massive idiot gravitational field and wind up being sucked across the border. Up until a couple decades ago, getting rid of so many of our idiots used to be great for us as a nation. Unfortunately today, thanks to technology and America’s idiocy obsession, both your idiots and ours are being allowed to spread their idiocy 24/7 on TV and the Internet. As a result, something they call “Blowback”. Canadians are now awash in idiocy and its starting to take root. We even have a homegrown version of Fox Noise now. I’d say we’re only about 5 laps of toilet bowl behind you guys now. If I weren’t already so depressed, I’d be depressed.

        As for “The Bieb”, our paths have crossed on at least 3 occasions. In fact, he took advantage of the “Sedate Me bump” by including me (briefly & obscurely mind you) in a couple of the homemade street videos for the Internet that made him famous.

        So, I guess I may be partially to blame for that idiot. My sincere apologies.

      • Spinny Liberal

        I knew you must have had something to do with the scourge of the earth that is Justin Bieber.

    • Spinny Liberal

      You’re right he has the freedom to say whatever he wants, however ignorant. I hope he drops out soon and rides into that Texas sunset.

  • Pjevs

    Perry’s 15 minutes of fame are soon over.

  • Sedate Me

    Perry heard the word “Turkey” and instinctively pulled out his gun and started shooting.

  • aFrankAngle

    No need to worry …. He’ll be gone after the SC primary and you don’t live in Texas.

  • lbwoodgate

    He’s an Aggie. What else can I say.

    He’s reflective of the poor quality of education many kids in this state will be receiving now due to underfunding and a take-over of the school book commission by right wing religious fundamentalists

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