Jon Huntsman: And Then There Were Five

Huntsman to Quit Republican Presidential Race

It was a valiant effort, I guess. He was way too moderate and timid to have a chance in the eyes of this new GOP.

A poll last week showed Huntsman at only 4 percent in South Carolina, behind even satirical talk-show host Stephen Colbert.

Ouch. That had to hurt. I don’t know about him, but I think that would be my cue to exit.

I’m glad he is exiting the race graciously and supporting the one who will get the nomination. That is very classy.

As a far the five remaining, there’s a lot at stake here:

The winner of South Carolina’s primary has gone on to capture the Republican nomination in every election since 1980.

I had no idea. This will be brutal then. DC of Pass the Doucheys is from South Carolina. I’m a tad jealous. It’s like having a front row seat at a prize fight. You get all the action up close. And you might get some blood on you. Kinda gross, but you can really say that you were there.

Let the mud-slinging really begin.

11 responses to “Jon Huntsman: And Then There Were Five

  • lbwoodgate

    That’s too bad. The only sane one in the lot. Perhaps that was his handicap.

  • lobotero

    Excellent…I have post waiting for the official announcement….

  • Sedate Me

    Sanity & moderation are like throwing around battery acid to today’s Teabagger ridden Republican party, especially if you’re not the “heir apparent” or seen as the “most winable” candidate.

    I’m actually impressed Huntsman did as well as he did, given the popular perception that he is merely a Mini-Me to Romney. But I’m kind of surprised he wouldn’t stick around until after South Carolina. You did the work, allow yourself to collect the 4% “reward”. What is really surprising is that he’s tossing his support to Romney, who I hear, he hates.

    Hey Spinny, maybe he read my comment elsewhere on this website about how vulnerable Romney could actually be if South Carolina went for somebody else. Remember, this is a 1st-Place-Takes-All-Delegates state. Last poll I saw, 4% could make a huge difference. If somebody beats Romney there by even 7 votes, Romney not only loses a state, he drops to 2nd overall in delegates. That’s the kiss of death to a guy who is winning just because everyone assumes he will win.

    • Spinny Liberal

      But he will win, sedate. And I’ll be telling you later that I didn’t need a crystal ball to see it.

      • Sedate Me

        Why? Because he has Mormon Jesus is on his side? 😉

        I doubt I’m explaining myself properly. I still expect Romney to win. However, there shouldn’t BE a debate over whether you need a crystal ball to call this one. Only an brain dead idiot should have thought anybody (other than perhaps Newt, if he got on a roll) had a snowball’s chance in Hell of even making it close, never mind actually beating Romney. It shouldn’t have been possible.

        Romney’s victory should have closer resembled the New York Yankees playing some High School baseball team. His route to the nomination should have been slightly more difficult than Obama’s. Yet Romney has been in a ghost-race for almost a year with a bunch of 3rd tier losers, many of whom should be institutionalized. Worse yet, he currently sits in a close delegate race. Already, that’s something that shouldn’t have happened. This should have been long over by now. Only Newt & Ron Paul should be left and mostly due to their vast stubbornness.

        What’s shocking here is that Romney really is just one little stumble away from, not just making this an actual race, but making it one he might even lose. At this point, the actual outcome doesn’t matter much. The fact it even got this close says a tonne.

        We may have developed an immunity it by now, but this is undeniable evidence that the Republican party has gone completely off the deep end. As a group, they are now so batshit crazy, they’re seriously considering not selecting a guy with a far better chance of winning, a guy who will gladly push all their batshit crazy policies, just because he isn’t overtly crazy enough.

        Most of the party is willing to blow a good chance of stringing Obama from the nearest tree just because they want a guy who will speak in tongues, bath in the blood of homosexuals and shoot his name into the wall of the White House after downing a case of beer.

        And the fact that a major American party can descend to this level, yet still stands a good chance of winning every branch of government, shows you how far all of America has fallen. This insanity has been so normalized, it’s just unflinchingly accepted.

  • Sedate Me

    And I’m cheering for Colbert all the way! He’s the best the Republicans have.

  • Hansi

    Damn, Poor old John H didn’t even get his fifteen minutes of fame in the primaries. But when Colbert is ahead of ya, it is time to read the writing on the wall.

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