Mitt Romney: The Most Beautiful GOP Nominee in the World

Sometimes I wish I could live in a GOP Primary state during election season. I’d love to see all the action firsthand. The mud-slinging ads, the townhalls, all of it. I think it would be very exciting.

Anyway, back to Romney. So he won New Hampshire. Quelle surprise, right? Come on. I didn’t need a Magic-8 Ball to predict this one.

I’m not really surprised that Ron Paul got 2nd. After all, it is New Hampshire, Libertarian capital of the United States. The sad thing is that Jon Huntsman skipped Iowa to seriously work New Hampshire. And he got 3rd place. He should give it up. He is the one that doesn’t give a lot of Liberals like me the full body heebie jeebies. And that is the reason why he’ll never get the nomination.

That leaves Rick Santorum and Rick Perry. Santorum. He’s riding that Iowa caucus “high,” and the next primary is all about religious Conservatives. He may pick up a few votes in South Carolina – maybe come out ahead. He is not going to get the nomination, though. He has a long list of quotes (some nearly unbelievable) that show his very extreme views. He’s very trigger happy when it comes to Iran. And what we’ve seen what a cowboy President can do. Plus, he’s still trying to downplay that gaffe of blah people on welfare.

Perry? Good hair can only get you so far. All the self-deprecating humor in the world will not erase the fact that he forgot the third of three government departments he wanted to dismantle. And it was the Department of Energy – tied to his answer to the nation’s problems. O-I-L. I think that stuck in people’s minds. Plus, suggesting troops be sent back to Iraq? Final nail in the coffin. Like Santorum, he will probably pick up a few votes in South Carolina, but that’s about as far as he’ll go.

We should just skip all the pleasantries and crown Romney. He has the most money behind him and the “electability” thing. And, sorry Rick, but he has really good hair too. Hand him the bouquet and let him wear the “GOP Nominee” sash. Almost time to walk down that plank…I mean, ramp.

12 responses to “Mitt Romney: The Most Beautiful GOP Nominee in the World

  • lbwoodgate

    “The sad thing is that Jon Huntsman skipped Iowa to seriously work New Hampshire. And he got 3rd place.”

    One aspect of this is that his % along with Romney’s gave the Mormons 55% of the vote in the Granite State.

  • lobotero

    “the most beautiful GOP candidate”….and I would add….the most FAKE.

  • beaglezmom

    I find it amusing (in that scary sort-of “laugh or you’ll start screaming” way) that the GOP in congress has been invested in getting the country to vote against our own self interest (tax breaks for the rich, cut off unemployment and aid to the poor) is stuck with a candidate they don’t like.

  • Sedate Me

    I’ve said this before, but this vastly overhyped & over-extended process has done NO candidate any favours and has destroyed some before even getting to the starting line. It has given us time to see -and concentrate on- all their flaws. We’ re tired of these losers, yet they still have many months left to torture us like nails on a chalkboard.

    As I expected, it’s all about “Romney vs Non-Romney”. Most of the party doesn’t want him because he isn’t crazy enough. Ultimately, that group will be coralled under one candidate. (My money says Newt has the tightest grip on the Non-Romney life-raft.) Thanks to the rule that punishes January primaries by cutting their delegates in half, Romney absolutely HAS to win EVERY early state to build up a sufficient lead before the lone Non-Romney candidate emerges. The second the Non-Romney vote splitting stops, Romney faces a diminishing proposition.

    But the longer those pesky flies don’t drop, the more likely the unthinkable is going to happen. There’s a small chance the convention might actually choose the candidate. The potential bribe bonanza to a lesser candidate is enough to keep those losers hanging on for as long as they possibly can.

    • Spinny Liberal

      He’ll get it. Some victories will be very narrow, like in Iowa. But, he’ll get it. He has so much money behind him.

      • Sedate Me

        In a logical world, you’d unquestionably be right. But remember, we’re talking about Republican Americans in the year 2011. Batshit crazy isn’t crazy enough.

        Most rank & file Republicans can’t stand Romney and would take ANY other remotely serious option. Lucky for Romney, the only semi-serious option is Newt and he’s a despicable asshole. Yet even pathetic, laughable, clowns like Herman Cain have equaled or surpassed Romney in the polls. The crazy runs so deep this time that being the “heir apparent” AND having obscene amounts of money still might not be enough. The ONLY reason Romney can win is the belief that he can win it all. If he can’t leave the field in the dust early, people will question his only strength, winability.

        Considering the deck is most certainly stacked in his favour, his real position is NOWHERE NEAR as strong as it looks. Without those January Primary punishments, his lead would be DOUBLE what it is, which ain’t that much. South Carolina and Florida are both “1st Place Takes All Delegates” states. A (very possible) 1% loss in S. Carolina would drop him to 2nd. Add in an (unlikely) loss in Florida and you might as well cut open an artery and toss him into Florida’s shark infested waters. But even if he wins both, he only gets HALF the delegates they’re worth. He absolutely requires a big head start, but he’s being hamstrung when at his strongest.

        I still think he’s going to win, but unless he wins BOTH South Carolina and Florida, I give him no better than a 45% chance. Lucky for him, none of the vote-splitting flies dropped out in New Hampshire, so he’ll probably win S. Carolina by that 1 or 2%, get all its delegates, then win Florida and actually BECOME the front-runner.

      • Spinny Liberal

        He will soooo get this. I mean, come on. Who is the alternative? Santorum?

        The ONLY reason Romney can win is the belief that he can win it all. If he can’t leave the field in the dust early, people will question his only strength, winability.

        See, this I don’t buy. I think GOP voters know why the race is close in some states. It’s their Conservative base. The money he has behind him will buy all the advertising they need to sell what we already know. He is the one that has the best chance in the general election.

  • Sedate Me

    Really beating a dead horse here but…(I’ll drop it after this comment)

    Romney is so intolerable to most of the party, they’re actually willing to take vile anal-froth like Sanatorium (sic) seriously. In this sick society, we’ve become so conditioned to insanity and inadequacy that people fail to see these aren’t candidates for America’s Top Talented Idol Of Jersey Shore. They’re major-party candidates for the most powerful elected office in the world. Yet the “best” this major-party can offer up in an easily winable election is 1.5 candidates who can remotely be taken seriously. However, all of them are being treated seriously by an incompetent media only interested in milking the ratings the best they can.

    In reality, Romney is little more than a better looking Steve Forbes. He only looks good next to the Gluebiscuits he’s running against. Other than the “unelectable”, corrupt, asshole Newt, his rivals are unworthy of even being considered “rivals”. Perry is Governor of a major state, but the rest are all 3rd or 4th tier candidates who’d normally be barely a blip on the radar screen. The fact that unmitigated clowns like Herman Cain can be put on-par with Romney shows just how desperate Republicans are to avoid voting for Romney. If they had even ONE other serious candidate running, Romney would probably be toast.

    And that’s were “winability” comes in. Romney is “winable” because he is seen as a moderate, professional, politician…the very reason most of this batshit crazy party rejects him. His strength IS his weakness. He is the giant the masses resent, but will obey…until the first sign of weakness, after which they will cheer his downfall.

    To quote another well known Republican Governor, “If it bleeds, we can kill it.” To me, the fact that Romney isn’t polling near 50% and hasn’t murdered the opposition in either Primary/Caucus is evidence of blood. If Romney starts bleeding in a noticeable way, even obscene amounts of money might not be enough. If he ever started looking weak, the money would start to dry up. Money is amoral. It naturally flows towards winners.

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