Holiday Ramblings

The holidays are really strange for me. I never really was into Christmas. Actually, I couldn’t stand it for the longest time. The commercialization was my main complaint. After my oldest niece Isabella was born, I started getting back into it…slowly. It was fun watching her get so excited. And even more fun to be able to use Santa to get her to eat her vegetables, do her homework, etc.

It doesn’t work now since she’s 13 and knows all about Santa. This is the first time she’s asked for money as a Christmas gift. *sigh*

Thankfully, her little sister Juliana (7) is still really into Christmas. An Easy Bake Oven is on its way from some eBay seller in Texas. It sure beats hitting 3 different stores trying to find her Pilow Pet Penguin, only to find out Christmas morning that she already had one. She just wanted “another one.”

I don’t know why I’m writing about this. The holidays throw me for a loop. I rush around getting stuff done. And then when it’s done (or very, very close), I don’t know what to do with myself. I think that’s where I’m at now. I’m just about done. So here I am in bed, writing this post, with the blinking lights of the parol (Philippine Christmas Lantern) in the window.

The headlines just add to the goopy mess that is my head now (more than usual). Kim Jong-Il is dead. Sidebar: It’s spooky that last Tuesday’s twisted quote was his. Will his son be better? Worse?

Don’t even get me started on the payroll tax cut extension debacle. Honestly, what the hell does the GOP want? They rejected the year extension, and they’ll reject the 2 month stop gap. Would 6 months work? Do they realize that having the tax cut expire in January would actually make the economy suck more? What do we working schmucks do with the extra cash? A lot of us spend it. Spending = stimulating the economy.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see what happens with this vote. Will the middle class get screwed again? Can’t take much more screwing before being totally……..screwed.

26 responses to “Holiday Ramblings

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    I look forward to Christmas every single year. It wasn’t always the case – there were those 14 years of marriage that made Christmas hell. Perhaps when that was over, I decided to never let anything get in the way of enjoying it ever again. I don’t do a whole lot of Christmas festivity stuff, but I carry around a lot of Christmas spirit inside. Not many people can tell that inside I’m just a jolly old elf.

  • Ric

    You used Santa to blackmail your niece into eating vegetables? Fie, fie, shame on you!

    (Maybe if I snitch on you to Santa he’ll bring me that new computer I’ve had my eye on. Ya think?)

    • Spinny Liberal

      Yes I did, comrade. And I am unapologetic. In fact, I recommend it. Milk it for all its worth for as long as you can. Invoking Santa is more powerful than any spell.

      Naaah. I’m on the permanent Naughty list, so it’ s not like you’d be telling him anything new.

      • Ric

        Damn, I guess this means no computer. It was the special Minsk version, too, you know, with the secret compartments and hidden camera and long range sensing devices. It brings back those glorious days when we camped on the steppes under the gleaming stars, warmed by the fire of burning villages and glorying in the hunt for traitorous peasants. Now that was Christmas!!

      • Spinny Liberal

        I had one of those computers. I had to hock it to pay for therapy from the whole Minsk mission debacle. It is what it is.
        Good times. Marshmallows would have been nice, but those were lean years.

      • Richard Gerace

        Marshmallows would indeed have been nice, even if they are a symbol of rampant, soft capitalism. But still, we did have the pleasant sounds of peasants roasting over an open fire. But perhaps I have become too fond of those years of fighting the glorious fight.

  • lbwoodgate

    “Will the middle class get screwed again? Can’t take much more screwing before being totally……..screwed”

    Many of us can’t stand up straight before we’re being asked to stay bent over for more.

    I still seem to have a soft spot inside for Xmas but I hate putting out the lights, especially that big old “star of David” I put on the roof each year that a pilot at 30,000 feet could see on a clear night. Just gettin’ too old for all of that but my wife keeps insisting. Maybe she’ll let me off the hook when I have a fall and crack my head open. 🙂

  • Sedate Me

    When I was a naive little kid, I loved Christmas. But once I became the bitter cynic that I am (age 8?), Christmas became more and more of a humbug every year.

    Today, it is nothing more than a hollow, meaningless, contrivance designed to separate people from as much of their money as humanly possible through a combination of greed, guilt and endless hype. It’s the one time a year where people pretend to give a shit about others, although many have a hard time even faking that anymore.

    What was once a birthday celebration for the world’s most famous hippy now celebrates the new dominant god, commerce. Christmas is a microcosm of what is wrong with our culture. It’s all about obtaining as much stuff as possible, even if it means going into unrelenting debt to get things that will be obsolete by next Christmas, or that will just collect dust in the garage.

    This year, millions of stressed out, happy-pill gobbling, broke-ass, North Americans will gather together with people they barely know and can hardly tolerate in front of their plastic trees and exchange cheap shit made in China and gift cards to the exact same big box stores.

    This is the probably the last year I’m going to go along with the charade. Humbug!

    • Ric

      Oh hell, quit now while you still remember to be pissed.

      And give yourself a gift of Morris Berman books. The political ones.

    • Snoring Dog Studio

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Sedate Me. You are badly in need of a hug and sedation. Can you not allow for a smallish or moderately sized segment of the population that doesn’t think of Christmas the way you do?

      What will you do next year to make it better rather than bitter?

      • Sedate Me

        Oh yeah, I am painfully aware that most people do not agree with me on, well, damn near anything really. With regards to Christmas, there are loads of people who buy into it, if only out of peer pressure.

        Lots of people are so caught up in the greed, they just can’t get enough. They are willing to turn themselves into that ghastly woman in those ghastly Target Christmas ads. There are others who are so great at faking it, they almost con themselves. There are many who just get caught up in the mood for the day…sometimes without the aid of heavily spiked eggnog. And yes, there are actually even some people who celebrate in the true spirit of the holiday which, I admit, is nice. Most of them are naive little children, mind you, but still.

        And, shit, some folks even bring Jesus into the mix! Imagine that.

      • Spinny Liberal

        Suffer the little children and forbid them not to celebrate Christmas! 😉

      • Sedate Me

        For some reason, my above comment didn’t come across as “positive” as I intended it to be. Therefore, I will attempt to pick up on the “What will you do next year to make it better rather than bitter?” question.

        Next year, I’m hoping to make it better by not wasting money on my family. They couldn’t give less of a shit how much effort I put into this holiday I despise. They (and my spoiled rotten little iPad-glued-to-his-4-year-old-hand nephew) already have far more than enough shit and it brings them little pleasure anyway.

        Therefore, my plan is to give them the gift of giving.
        I hope to give goats & such in their name next year. I’m sure they won’t appreciate it, but fuck ’em.

        Damn, being “positive” is exhausting!

      • Ric

        That’s the spirit!!

    • Spinny Liberal

      Damn, and I thought I was cynical. 🙂

  • beaglezmom

    I love Advent – the season prior to Christmas day – when it is full of songs, and decorations and music and light. It fills some of the empty space winter makes when the leaves fall off the trees.

    As far as presents go – I’m ambivalent. I give want I want to whom I want. I don’t give things out of obligation and I don’t give things based on what people give me. Some folks get a gift every year, others may get one because I saw something for them, and not the next.

    I think the key to Christmas giving is to live without judgement. Don’t judge people by what they give (or don’t give) you, and don’t judge yourself for what you give to others or they give you. Just give and receive with a full heart. It makes Christmas so much nicer.

    As for the GOP – what do they want? Power. That’s what this is all about – not the bill, not the pipeline, not the tax extension and certainly not to help the middle class — it is all about power.

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    I don’t know why I’m writing about this. The holidays throw me for a loop. My day of birth is Dec 15th so I always got hosed as a kid on Xmas. So for me, it was a weird day/celebration too.

    This year is even worse. Mother decided to pull the plug two days before my day of birth and also ruin the Xmas for her small grandchildren, with whom she was residing at the time. Thanks mother, we could always count on you to jack everything up and make it all about you, even though you were in no pain and every organ but your lungs were functioning great.

    As for the political part of this post, I am angry will every jackass that sits his or her ass in an elected chair in DC. Especially the GOP,but nothing new there right? To put millions upon millions of Americans on pins and needles about what their paychecks will look like in the coming new year is unconscionable and like my mother…self-absorbed as hell.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Few things can actually drive me to drink, but you succeeded, Sedate Me. I read your post, walked over to the kitchen and poured myself a large glass of wine. However, your link is a marvelous idea and thank you for that. It’s a fantastic idea – go with it. Teach those little beggars and brats that you can find joy in giving and not receiving. Or, if they can’t learn the lesson, then the heck with them!

    Well, you only have to be positive once a year, I guess.

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