Governor Jerry Brown Says, “Nemo dat quod non habet.”

Brown: Calif. to Impose Another $1B in Budget Cuts

His Jesuit education is showing again. “Nemo dat quod nan habet” is Latin for “No one can give what he doesn’t have.” (Yeah, I had to look it up). Anyway, the state of CA doesn’t have it to give, so we’re cutting back.

Yesterday was the day. Because the revenue wasn’t what we hoped it would be (but not as bad as some thought), cuts to K – 12 education, the UC and CSU system, Medi-Cal, and in-home care for the elderly and disabled will start January 1, 2012.

I’m not happy that the GOP in our state’s legislature would not give an inch when it came to raising taxes in the budget proposal. Give and take is not their style, just like on the national level. They love the “my way or the highway” approach to “negotiation.”

Of course, if they had conceded and passed Brown’s budget, the projections still weren’t met. The cuts would still have to be made, but the revenue would help in the long run. That makes sense. As the economy improves, so will the revenue. The taxes raised would help add even more. More revenue + needed spending cuts = CA coming closer to a balanced budget.

I am happy that Governor Brown followed through on the cuts, though. It shows that he is still holding up his end of the deal. More importantly, it shows he is taking CA’s budget crisis seriously. He said at the press conference:

“We’re on the road to recovery. And the trigger cuts, which are pulled today, are part of that fiscal discipline. This is not the way we’d like to run California. But we have to live within our means.”

I am biased. I love the guy. He is socially Liberal, yet fiscally Conservative. Back in the 70s, when he was Governor the first time around, his actions showed just how fiscally conservative he was. He said “no” to the governor’s mansion and rented a small apartment in Sacramento. He also said “no” to the limo and drove his Plymouth Satellite around town.

Jerry Brown was and still is one cheap-ass SOB. Exactly what California needs.

These cuts are going to hurt the most vulnerable. I believe that there are other programs that can be cut, but that’s a whole other subject. I hope the CA GOP will concede to some tax increases. With them, the spending cuts will hurt, but not as bad. I’m not holding my breath, and neither is Jerry:

“Realistically, I haven’t heard (any Republican) say ‘I’m likely to vote for taxes,'” Brown said. “They ask to get the tax is so high that we’ll lose on the other side. So, the path forward that I’ve charted is the only way.”

And away we go.

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