Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

I really didn’t want my first post back from out-of-it land to be about this. Media coverage has been 24/7. But it’s a trainwreck. I can’t help but watch and weigh in.

When it is one woman alleging harassment, you could argue that maybe it didn’t happen, and the settlement was just to make the case go away. But four??? Sorry, but a single accusation is one thing, but four accusations point to a pattern to me.

The way he handled this whole thing was a hot mess from the get-go:

1. Blast the report.
2. Deny, deny, deny.
3. Mention settlement with accuser and how you forgot even signing the agreeement.
4. Sing gospel song. Yeah, I don’t get this and didn’t believe it until I saw it.
5. When more women come out, hold press conference and emphatically deny.

Needless to say, my BS detector went off like crazy.

Sidebar: I hope there aren’t really sick details à la Anita Hill, Clarence Thomas and Coke cans. If there are, I hope they don’t *ever* surface.

A local liberal radio talk show host, Karel, said that he doesn’t care about this scandal. What really disturbs him is Cain’s platforms like abortion. Today, Cain thinks abortion should be illegal.

Karel has a point, but the fact that four women have come forward is another reason why I do not trust this man. The fact that he feels he can do this and not pay for it (other than financial settlements) bothers me. Does he believe that because he is rich and powerful, he is above the law? Or shouldn’t be held accountable? If that is true, he is someone who definitely should not have any political power – let alone the Presidency.

I don’t believe Cain has a Slurpee’s chance in hell to win the GOP nomination. However, the fact that he’s polling so well despite these allegations disturbs me. Actually, everything about this scandal disturbs me. This scandal will be played out by the media until the bitter end. Until that time comes, I will probably pay attention when I hear news bits and pieces.

Yeah, I already know I need help.

10 responses to “Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Scandal

  • lobotero

    I believe he is toast! Now we have the other woman willing to talk on the record and in person….he will be gone soon.

  • nonnie9999

    he’s arrogant enough to stick around until he runs out of money. i hope he does, and i hope he drags the rest of the rethugs down with him.

    one correction, little spinny. hermie never paid anything, the restaurant association did. i think i find that even more disturbing than if the money had come out of hermie’s pocket. i think it’s disgusting that employers are allowed to cover up this shit with some loose change. corporations get away with murder, because they’re allowed to demand that those they settle with remain silent. i could tell you a story about that, but i’m legally bound to not speak. i wish i was kidding.

    • Sedate Me

      Yeah, the Restaurant Association paying the bill makes all this even more distasteful. (Would that have happened with Cain’s consent or even his order?)

      I know exactly how this happens. I had a COMPLETELY bogus 2 million lawsuit (not for sexual harassment) hanging over me for the last 8 years. The lawyers all say “Who cares if you did it? Settle and the insurance will pay it off.”

      The Association couldn’t care less and just makes it “go away” by paying off the alligators with insurance money, which only drives up their -and everybody else’s- rates while encouraging future alligators. (I am in no way belittling the claims of these women or others, just those of the hustlers and revenge seekers out there.)

      The question of actual guilt in these things is rarely settled in a court of law. But the stench can linger forever.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    I think it’s pathetic and disturbing how quickly people manage to cast doubt upon the women’s accusations – yet, when a priest or a coach is accused of sexual abuse, everyone seems perfectly comfy accepting the accuser’s story. Why are these women not afforded the same benefit of the doubt? Who cares if it’s years later? The damage to one’s personal life and career is pretty damn severe. It takes a ton of courage to stand up and speak out knowing that the media and the perpetrator have the tools to demolish you. Clarence Thomas was guilty as hell, too. He should never have been allowed to be a judge.

  • lbwoodgate

    Sadly Cain has chosen, like many before him, to be the victim here, of efforts by his political opponents and the media whom he has demonized for wanting to stop his imagined mandate form “the people” to represent them. It’s always about some “evil” force out there to stop the”righteous” person.

  • afrankangle

    He may be toast, but his supporters may keep him around because of the location of their head.

  • Don in Massachusetts

    As long as he is a puppet of the Koch Brothers, he won’t go away, until they cut him loose, and kick him to the curb.

  • Sedate Me

    Has the Cain Train been derailed because his piston is too eager to push his way into America’s tunnels?

    As an corporate executive with his general Loosie Goosie, inappropriate, attitude (Lectrocute them beaners!”, “It’s your own damn fault!” Imagine there’s no pizza.”) having a sexual harassment lawsuit against him is less surprising to me than Lindsay Lohan’s pee testing positive. When you are in his position and have so few filters, you are on the express train to Harassment Station.

    I somehow doubt this will change his REAL prospects in the Republican race one iota. I think it might cut into his status as non-Romney flavour of the week. However, given the Republicans’ desire to say “we have a black candidate too” and their propensity to rally round the flag no matter how irrational, I could actually see this working to his advantage.

    Unless the other candidates decide to gang up and publicly “lynch” Cain over it, I don’t think this changes his campaign trajectory.

  • beaglezmom

    The saddest part is that he has been playing his behavior off as “I always treat ladies like ladies.” — Its the same old chauvinistic, patronizing crap. The GOP doesn’t seem to care about Cain’s treatment of women in the past, or the present or the future (the 9-9-9 policy disproportionately affects working mothers, etc.). They just want the bad press to stop.

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