Spinny’s Been Slacking

Ugh. No excuses. A lot has been going on, especially with the Occupy Movement.

Occupy Oakland organized a general strike last Wednesday. It was very successful, except for a few cretins who thought it would be fun to throw bottles and vandalize property. That kind of crap makes the Movement look really bad. So a pox on the ones who did that.

Those I were proud of were the people who Tweeted the OPD on the whereabouts of the vandals. And those who came back the next day to clean up after those jackasses. That’s what the media needs to concentrate on. But it doesn’t make for exciting news I guess.

The National Bank Transfer Day on Saturday was amazing! Transferring your money from the big banks to small community banks and credit unions is brilliant. It’s a great way to send a message to the banks. It’s the “free market” way of protesting. I hope more people do it. I’ve been a credit union member for years now. I broke up with the big banks a long time ago. It wasn’t a healthy relationship. They just took and took. I needed a partnership, give and take.

It’s been interesting to watch the Movement. The attention it’s getting and the impact is making. I wonder where this will lead…

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