Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules 10/28/11

😆 @ “Let Barbie be Barbie.” Enjoy!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

5 responses to “Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules 10/28/11

  • nonnie9999

    is ron christie the biggest douchebag, or what? i think he thinks that lowering his voice a little bit makes him sound like he’s believable when he’s spewing his bullshit. i was wishing someone would punch him in the face. i’m really not a violent person at all, but i would have punched him.

  • dcmartin

    I’m really surprised Maher bit on the whole Barbie thing. It’s not being marketed to kids, it’s part of the collector series aimed at adults, and even if it weren’t, so what?? Pink hair and tattoos = meth-head, abortion-loving prostitute? Great way to teach young girls to live up to that” judgemental ,catty bitches” stereotype. A better conversation would be “why are we obsessing over the “message” sent by dolls and not obsessing over the message being sent via the fact that dolls, makeup, and gossipy, I-hope-I-get-the-boy games are all that are marketed to girls in the first place?”.
    Just my grumpy opinion. Maher flaked on that chance, big time.

  • The Hook

    I hope Maher knows what a dedicated fan he has in you!

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