Obama’s Jobs Bill: Cremation, Partial Resurrection, or Substitution?

NBC/WSJ Poll: Despite Defeat, Obama’s Jobs Bill is Popular

Hmm. The respondents were asked if Congress should pass his jobs bill. 30% said yes, 22% said no, 44% had no opinion. When they were given details about the bill, 63% said they favor the bill and 32% oppose it. Personally, I think more people support it rather than oppose it, even initially, because it’s something.

There are things I really like about the bill. I like the tax credits to companies who will hire long term unemployed people. I also like the extension of the payroll tax cut. When we regular working people have a little extra money in the paycheck, many of us tend to spend it. More groceries, maybe a night out. All that spending helps the economy.

I also like putting money toward infrastructure so we can get people working again. For me, it’s a win win. This is happening in the city next to mine. They’re building a natural gas power plant. 400 construction workers who haven’t had a job in a year are now working, and this is just the beginning. When it is up and running, we get an efficient, cleaner source of energy – for over 600K homes.

The increased taxes on the wealthy is what made it DOA for House and Senate Republicans. It will be chopped up and presented to them. It makes me ask them, “Since you don’t like it, are you willing to look at the different parts of it to pass what you do like? If nothing is acceptable, do you have a jobs plan in place? Not just ‘no increased taxes on the job creators?’ Or the equally murky, ‘stop getting in the way of business?’ Do you have a solid plan to offer as an alternative?”

If you have a plan, share it! Maybe there’s stuff in it those on “the other side of the aisle” will like too. Or at least work with what he gave you. Don’t shut the door and say “no” just because his name is on it. That crap is getting really old.

22 responses to “Obama’s Jobs Bill: Cremation, Partial Resurrection, or Substitution?

  • Terrance H.

    Ahhhhhhh…..You’re just a socialist……

    That’s what someone said to me after expressing my disdain for the Right and the political games they’re playing….They’ll stand in the way of any plan that has even a slim chance of improving the economy while Obama is in office…

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Yeah, we’re going to roll into – or stagger into – the next election in a sorrier state because the Republicans in congress are hell bent to make Obama fail. They won’t allow him a single success. I do so find it very difficult to drum up charity for Republicans these days. Give me a reason to back off my cynicism, please, folks.

  • afrankangle

    Right on Terrance … the bill may not be perfect, but it is obstructionism at its best. Watching the reactions to the individual fragments (if broken up).

  • lobotero

    The country and economy needs immediate help…Obama’s plan does that anything the Repubs are offering is a plan that takes 5 to 7 years to be realized…….most economists say that the Obama bill will most likely save the economy from another recession….but that is not important….2012 is!

  • R. Duane Graham

    Independent economists admit that under Obama’s admittedly too-small jobs plan, the economy will grow and somewhere around 2 million folks will be put to work. While that is not enough, it ain’t nothin’.

    I’m worried that Dems will agree with Republicans to pass a couple of elements of the plan–like the payroll tax cuts–and not pass enough of the plan to do any real good. The GOP will then run on their willingness to cooperate with the President and also run on Obama’s “failures” regarding the economy.

  • nonnie9999

    of course the rethugs have a solution to the unemployment crisis–another bill to block abortions!

    • Terrance H.


      It does much, much more than block abortions. It puts women in danager, and as a pro-lifer, I’m totally against it. It allows hospitals to deny a LIFE SAVING abortion. It’s obscene.

    • Spinny Liberal

      With all the economy and jobs talk, it’s like it came out of nowhere. I don’t get it. And the fact that they would let a pregnant woman die is just sickening to me.

  • myonepreciouslife

    This sort of thing makes me feel quite hopeless about the future.

  • afrankangle

    Belles at the ball … LOL …. yep, everyone wants our vote to get elected, then cast us aside when it comes time for policy. At this moment for 2012, I see the majority of independents casting a vote against someone, as opposed to voting for. Which also means, get ready for disappointment.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Loving and leaving you fast 😀
      Actually, that’s what I heard about 2008. Some couldn’t stand the thought of McCain/Palin, so a lot of Independents/Moderates voted for Obama.
      It’s always disappointing when people feel like they’re choosing between the lesser of two evils, no?

  • cremation urn

    Last week, President Obama addressed the Nation once an individual calendar year in business. He produced it very clear that the emphasis of energy will now shift from mega bailouts to encouraging minimal business venture. This is a exceptionally strategic transfer, and wholly in sync with demographic tendencies. Supporting the begin up and expansion of minimal corporations will allow the market but added importantly, will play a essential function in task development by using a direct impact on the unemployed either as a result of incentives to initiate a minimal business or supplying funds to raise minimal firms and making it possible for them to employ the service of new personnel. In addition, such a aim spreads the success a good deal more than the large bailouts, so a bit more People in america will in reality profit from the incentives, and thus, there will be a essential quantity of community assistance for these varieties of economic measures. But most relevant of all, Obama’s new job opportunities expenses is a indicator of the instances – will not count on the good sized businesses for your stability.

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