On Cupertino and Steve Jobs

Wednesday was a tragic, strange day in Cupertino, CA. Early that morning, a disgruntled employee went on a rampage at a quarry. 3 people were killed, 7 injured. He fled the scene, sparking a manhunt and some school closures. A lot of us in the Bay Area followed that story throughout the day. Then Apple, headquarted in Cupertino, shocked us (and the world) by the announcement of the passing of Steve Jobs. There was a lot of activity in the Silicon Valley suburb.

Things are settling down now. The alleged gunman was shot and killed by police today, and Jobs’ death has left the mood in the Valley very somber. At Apple headquarters, people have turned it into a makeshift shrine, candles and flowers are everywhere. At the Apple Store in San Francisco, hundreds of sticky notes were posted on the windows and doors that night expressing admiration and respect for the Silicon Valley legend.

There is a lot to admire and respect. I’m typing this is in bed on my laptop. This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for Steve Jobs convincing skeptical venture capitalists that people would want home computers. And we did. Even in the 80s, I remember typing away on our Apple IIe. We’ve come a long way since then. And so many things we use on the computer we owe to Steve Jobs – like the mouse. We don’t even think twice about it and go about pointing and clicking. That was his vision.

Steve Jobs was not just a visionary. It’s one thing to see something. It’s quite another to possess the skills to make that vision a reality. That combination was a very special gift that he shared with the world. Our life today would be very different without it. His influence is indelible.

Thank you, and Godspeed, Steve Jobs.

21 responses to “On Cupertino and Steve Jobs

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    Hey kiddo…how ya doin? I did a eulogy to Jobs too an of course I had a trolll come by and slam him. I know he wasn’t perfect…who the hell is? But it just pissed me off as the man did a lot and he is now dead at so young an age..so why take the time to slam someone that made the internet accessible to so many and who knew that making products ‘user friendly’ and mostly hacker safe was the most important aspects of the product?

    • dcmartin

      Dude didn’t see the irony in taking the opportunity to use an internet comment section to slam the man whose pioneering thought made internet commenting possible????
      Douchehattery never ceases.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Hey Dusty!! I read that. It was terrible. He brought all these products to the masses. If that isn’t “democratizing” as you said, I don’t know what is.

  • afrankangle

    Well said. Watching the numerous stories yesterday about his life was amazing. He truly had a difference for so many!

  • Hansi

    He certainly changed the world as we knew it.

  • Terrance H.

    Jobs was a great man, no doubt.

    I was a hardcore Mac fan all the way, but then Windows 7 came out and put OS X to shame. My Mac was resigned to photo editing only. So then Apple had the iPhone and that was still cool and I was buying one. But the Droid came and it was cheaper and just as good, and I’m using it now to write this.

    My wife is listening to get Zune right now, and my iPod just collects dust.

    But regardless of the device, what’s better, and cheaper, Apple and the vision of Jobs are responsible for the innovation of each product, including the none iPad tablet I’m buying next week. And if he had lived, Jobs would have set the bar highet still with something else……

    • Spinny Liberal

      Well said – he definitely set the bar the highest. I don’t have any of that stuff, but it’s really cool that others can build on his vision. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  • PoliticsRoom

    I am a hardcore Apple fan. I have had an Apple computer and/or laptop for at least seven years and I’m so glad i made the switch. He was truly a genius and cared about the details. He will be sorely missed, I hope that Apple does not fall apart without him. I love my iPhone, Macbook Air and iMac too much!
    May he rest in peace.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Apple loyalists are a force! MacWorld just dominates SF when it’s in town. His products are so user-friendly. Very intuitive.
      I hear the Macbooks and iMacs are awesome. I am a PC girl. Mainly because it’s cheaper. And the companies I’ve worked for are PC/Windows based.

  • beaglezmom

    I remember my first computer was an IBM PS2 (that’s right it has 2 whopping MB of memory) (Yep – the whole computer held a Jpg pic’s worth of memory) — and I used the Word Star program. So my files looked like this:

    C:>/Bootmenu/open/classreport.wsm and to enbolden a title is was
    >cent:fontROMAN/12pt:bold/class report/end Bold<

    Then Steve Jobs and Apple stormed in with Mac where you pointed and clicked and you highlighted words and clicked bold. I had a friend with a Mac and I was soooo jealous. Then – Microsoft windows emerged — and the big joke was "Windows – makes your computer a Mac".

    No matter what you use – Apple and Steve Jobs – made it easier, consumer friendly and functional. It is a great legacy to a great mind.

  • nonnie9999

    i never had an apple or mac computer or an ipod or imac. never even had a laptop. still, i was saddened to hear that steve jobs had died. he was way too young, but from everything i’ve read, he didn’t waste a minute and lived life to the fullest.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Mac rules! Windows 7?! Hah! Try Apple OSX Lion. That’s a thing of beauty. I have to work on both platforms because most IT departments are so afraid of Macs they refuse to allow them in the building. Without a doubt, the Mac OS is superior in all things.

    I hope other Steve Jobs are working feverishly and creatively to help us all do things better and faster. This area of technology is where the US can excel. I’ll miss the man and his brilliance and his call to people to avoid creative dogma. Whatever foibles he possessed, his messages were inspiring.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Yes, Terrance, I use Windows 7 at work. It’s not a bad operating system, but finding files and documents is still very frustrating and annoying. Installing fonts is irritating, but it is as well on OSX. I’ve always hated the Explorer window for its confusing interface and mysterious navigation. I like the System Preferences window much better than the Windows Control Panel. OSX Lion has the Dashboard, Mission Control and the Launchpad. All very nice features. I’m a diehard Apple fan and there’ll be no shakin’ that outta me.

    • Terrance H.


      You did not just suggest that finding files on OS X is easier than finding files on Windows 7.

      You must be high.

      I have always liked OS X, but the one thing I hated was how incredibly difficult it was to find my documents. It’s absurd having to clutter up the DOCK with a stupid DOCUMENTS folder and then have to open it up completely to view all your stuff, because you can’t scroll through it when you bring it up on the DOCK because you’ll end up clicking something and having a bunch of stuff opening you don’t want opening. And then when you share a computer with people who have no organization skills (my wife), it’s even worse!!!

      At least with Windows you know it’s all in the DOCUMENTS folder on the DESKTOP…. It’s all in one place! Simply click the damn folder and a nice, big, beautiful window pops up and gives itself to you as though it were a red-headed woman.

      And at least the EXPLORER window puts everything in one place. It’s not in fifty different places like on the Mac.

      Of course, we haven’t even begun discussing, um, USER ERROR!!!

      I’m an Apple fan, too. But Windows 7 is better, in my view, and nobody – not even the incredibly wonderful Jean – is savvy enough to fool me into thinking otherwise.

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