Herman Cain…99% not 9-9-9

Cain Rails Against Wall Street Protesters

Oh good Lord. After I read this, I was soooo pissed off. My head is spinning. This is what did it:

“I’m not sure I know why they’re there. If they’re there because they are jealous of Wall Street and bankers and people who have succeeded, then they’re there for the wrong reasons. This country is based on people who achieve their dreams and work.”

Run that by me again, pizza man? You’re not sure why they’re there, but your mind goes straight to jealousy? Um NO. Do I have to take you on a tram ride through the sub-prime mortgage fiasco? How banks lost billions on bad loans? The government bailed them out (with our money, thank you very much) and what happens? Infuriating stuff like:

Wall Street Bankers are Still Raking in Billions in Bonuses

The ones who contributed to this disaster are getting rewarded for their failure. And while they are enjoying their bonuses, who are losing their homes? Their jobs? People part of the 99%.

Protesters are there for different reasons, but that one is a biggie. I know if I were prostesting, that would be my reason. He doesn’t get it and never will.

Message to Cain: Just stick to your 9-9-9, enjoy your perfect healthcare, and keep blissfully ignorant of the 99%. The GOP isn’t choosing your ass anyway.

21 responses to “Herman Cain…99% not 9-9-9

  • lobotero

    Did you hear his statement that if we are not rich or unemployed it is our fault?

  • lbwoodgate

    Again Cain and people like him fail to see that opportunity and a little ruthlessness have to be in place to succeed in businesses. Not everyone can start and run a business. There has to be workers to make it go and when there’s not, most businesses will not be successful. To gain worker loyalty you have to give them a decent living wage and secure medical benefits at lower rates for them.

    The anger from those occupying wall street now is aimed at the fact that owner’s don’t seem to give a damn about the workers as they seek out cheap labor markets around the globe. This creates a surplus of workers that can be exploited with lower wages and little or no benefits. It seems clear that this is part of the plan of corporations to keep high unemployment rates so they can continue to exploit their dire circumstances for their own gains.

  • afrankangle

    LMAO ,,, “Run that by me again, pizza man.” … While reading the post I kept inserting that line at various points. And yes … he ain’t gonna win anyway as he’s just the latest flavor for the anyone-but-Mitt crowd.

  • dcmartin

    Black Walnut needs to shut his pizza pie-hole and pay attention to what’s going on. Florida is going to his delusional head.
    “This country is based on people who achieve their dreams and work.”
    This country is based on people who peddle the most influence convincing the supreme court to declare businesses “people” so that those businesses can broker laws that will help keep the employment ranks docile and powerless.

  • The Hook

    Anger can lead to great posts!

  • beaglezmom

    I second Frank’s comment. I had this mental image of Differn’t strokes saying “Watchu talkin’ about Willis” – only he was saying “Run that by me again, Pizza Man.” I’m gonna see that in my head every time he talks now.

    Of all the clowns in the line up – Cain is one of the saddest – a token, who doesn’t realize he’s a token; a small fish (pizza company? really? that’s whopping success?) trying to project knowledge for the big pond, a pitchman pushing a product no one will ever use.

  • TerranceH

    Cain showed what an out-of-touch bafoon he really is. To hell with him.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    From “ThyBlackMan” (http://thyblackman.com/2011/10/04/herman-cain-who-would-slay-the-able/comment-page-1/)
    Herman Cain is no real threat to become President of the United States, but he is a threat to the unity of African-America. The Republicans have found a useful idiot whom they see fit to drive a wedge in our solidarity. He is a willing accomplice in the long-held divide and conquered strategy deployed on African-America since the arrival of Willie Lynch in the Virginia Colony. He is willing to call African-Americans brainwashed as a means to divert votes from Barack Obama to a potential Republican President. He is willing to lead African-America to undoubted hardship in exchange for picking off some of those older, more conservative African-American voters who like to get tough on young black men just like Herman Cain and Bill Cosby do. The Republican Party is ready to attack public education, healthcare reform, and ladders to success such as affirmative-action which all disproportionately benefit the African-American community and Herman Cain is ready, willing, and able to be the tip of the spear through the heart of our community.

  • Allen

    Great blog, Spinny Liberal! My sentiments exactly! For an encore, fat cat Cain will play the race card when his poll numbers slip. I was really warming up to this guy and then BOOM, his real colors came through–no pun intended as I am white, voted for Obama and was seriously considering voting for Cain. Note the “was” with regard to voting for Cain. He’s just a Gingrich-Perry-Romney-Bachmann clone after all. It’s amazing how a few million bucks can turn a poor black boy born in Alabama into a rich black man with no understanding of economics, joblessness, hopelessness, justice, the plight of the average man/woman or ethics.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! And the compliment. 😀

      Your last line really summed it up for me. I don’t get it. Does he not relate to the plight of people who were like him too? I don’t know. How he could become so out-of-touch with the people he was like before is so surprising to me.

  • littlebangtheory

    Well said, SL.

    Yes, “divide and conquer.” There will be Afri-Cains alongside the Log Cabin Republicans, voting against their own interests and screwing those in their communities who need their help. It boggles my mind to think that they don’t recognize themselves as Simple Tools of their privileged handlers.

    I can’t help thinking of the Holocaust-related quote, “When they came for the Jews I said nothing, because I wasn’t a Jew…”

  • tom vogler

    was “angry ignorant liberal.com already taken?

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