A Mesa Council Seat and the Importance of Vetting

White Supremacist Files for Mesa Council Seat

Seriously. Is it the heat? Ralph Brandt is running for Mesa City Council and that his sponsoring organization was The American Third Position political party. He said,

“Our party represents the ethnic interests of White people.I personally believe that White people are getting the short end of the stick.”

So, it’s your typical white nationalist group. Being paranoid that the white race will be extinct is required, but hoods are optional.

Turns out, this isn’t the first time that Mesa had a candidate like Brandt. In 2006, J.T. Ready ran for a council seat but came in second. He wasn’t open about his neo-Nazi affiliation during the race. It didn’t come out until later. Good thing he lost.

It made me think. Ralph Brandt is open about his beliefs. Of course, it will cost him. The other guy, who hid his views, didn’t win but came pretty close. That’s pretty scary, even though it’s just a city council seat.

I think that’s why I am so into vetting. It may seem invasive, but we should know as much as possible about a candidate. You don’t want some Congressman winning and saying, “Oh, and by the way, I’m a white nationalist.” Thank God we have hungry journalists who just love digging for anything and everything on candidates.

The vetting has already started for the GOP nominees. Perry has already had a couple of things come out – the hunting camp he probably wishes his family didn’t have and his penchant for Confederate symbols.

By the time the GOP will choose their candidate, we’ll probably know who Romney took to the junior prom, Cain’s kindergarten teacher’s take on him, and Huntsman’s blood type. Do we need all that? No. But I’d rather have more information than less.

13 responses to “A Mesa Council Seat and the Importance of Vetting

  • TerranceH

    Candidates should expect what you and me might consider an invasion of privacy. But we do have a system of checks and balances so I wouldn’t worry about a lowly racist congressman too much…

    • Spinny Liberal

      Oh yeah, they’re totally fair game. As well they should be. And thank God for that system.

    • nonnie9999

      i have to disagree a bit, terrance, though i wish i didn’t have to. one of the strategies of conservatives (and by conservatives, i mean the fundie right, the teabaggers, and others on the fringe) is to get their people elected to government on every level, including local seats. they want to be on school boards, city councils, and anywhere else they can push their agenda. most people don’t pay attention to those positions. they vote for a D or an R or the person who shook their hand at the local diner. they’ve been pretty successful. that’s how botox batshit bachmann got where she is. she started locally and batshitted her way up.

      shithead sheriff joe arpaio and mesa state senator russell pearce have no problem with being seen publicly with known nazis. they go to their rallies. there are pictures and videos of them giving speeches. so, yes, we have to worry, because if we’re not vigilant, they really can become powerful.

  • afrankangle

    You touched on a lot here. Yes, we have to know … yes, we should guard against the subversive. Yes, we will also learn useless information for as Terrance said, it’s close to invasion of privacy comment. Thus it is important for us to sort through the information for what it is – and not the political slant.

  • beaglezmom

    It’s no secret that a lack of vetting was a big part of McCain picking Sarah Palin and we seem to be stuck with her perpetually.

    To me the more frightening thing is that Arizona has become such a racist/anti-immigration state that this person feels comfortable disclosing his views. He knows it will lose him some votes, but it might gain him some too.

    The other guy hid is affiliation thinking “People will never vote for this”, Brandt is open about his thinking “Some folks might just vote for this”. To me – that’s the scary part.

  • The Hook

    Someone has to stop these people!

    • Reality

      Stop what people? Stop white civil rights activist from the A3P doing exactly what the Black Caucus, Apiac, and La Raza gets praised for doing by the president of the U.S of A?

      Some people are obviously not going to like the fact that organizations like the A3P seek to represent white interest, the same way as La Raza seeks to represent Latino interest and rights.

      I bet none of you care that one district North of this district where this so-called supremacist is running, a Latinoc only district was established with la raza’s blessing so that it ccould represent Latinos, the same as the A3P is trying to do.

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