Huntsman Campaign Central Goes Granite

Huntsman Moving Campaign to New Hampshire

He’s leaving Florida. His numbers are still way behind Perry and Romney, but he is gaining support in New Hampshire. He broke into double digit territory – 10%. Good, but way behind Romney’s 41%.

After watching the debates and learning more about him, Huntsman is the only one who wouldn’t give me the full body heebies if he wins the presidency. OK, typing that was hard. I like him because he’s Moderate, and here are some examples:

1. He supported the debt ceiling increase and against default.
2. He believes in evolution and global warming.
3. He wants out of Afghanistan quickly.
4. He believes in civil unions for gay couples.

Sadly, these same four reasons prove he doesn’t have Slurpee’s chance in hell to win the Primary. Today’s GOP is all about the extremists in their party. I believe candidates like Huntsman who can see and sometimes agree with the other side’s point of view are the ones that lead successfully. He doesn’t immediately alienate people.

Honestly, he’s the kind of Republican that seems to be non-existent in Washington. Maybe they’re there but can’t be heard. The extremists in the party are screaming over them. “Global warming is a myth!” “We will stay in Afghanistan until we win!”

If the GOP would give candidates like Huntsman a chance, it’s their best shot at winning over Independents and Moderates.

Right now, it’s not looking good, so maybe Huntsman is doing the right thing by moving and tightening up his campaign. I don’t know. Deep down, I don’t think he’s being seriously considered to be the GOP candidate. I like having him around though. It’s refreshing to see this kind of Tweet from a Republican candidate:

I hope he lasts for a while. He helps my spinny head by tempering the insanity that has infiltrated the GOP.

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