And with a Rebel Flag, She Cried, “More…Attention Please!”

Rebel Flag Still Flying in Black SC Neighborhood

Unless you are surrounded by a ton of acreage, you have one of them. The annoying neighbor. The one that you have to make sure you invite to your party so they won’t call the cops complaining about the noise. Or the one with the perfectly manicured lawn yelling at the kids to get off it. In this case, the classification for this neighbor is: Family – Ignoramus, Genus – Attention Whore.

Family – Ignoramus

She said she flies this flag because, “I’m the lady who loves her flag and loves her heritage.” A heritage of losers? I don’t know why you’d fly the flag of the losing team, but to each their own.

She tearfully testified that she’s not racist. Does she not get why people might think she is? Probably not. See Family classification. I guess it doesn’t matter because she simply doesn’t care.

Genus – Attention Whore

Her own words show that she loves the attention:

“People driving by here because of the privacy fences, they tend to slow down,” she said. “If the objective was to block my house from view, they didn’t succeed very well.”

Mm hmm. A pathetic woman with nothing going on except for her provocative Confederate flag. Suddenly, she’s in the news and on blogs (you’re so very welcome). And no doubt, she has a lot of supporters.

While South Carolina (with the exception of coastal areas like Myrtle Beach – Hi DC!) isn’t a destination I dream of living in one day, I would love to move in as her next door neighbor. Two can play at this game.

I would get two even taller flag poles and fly these:


She has every right to fly her flag. And as her imaginary neighbor, so do I. The First Amendment rocks! I say screw the fences. Get flags just as head-turning – if not more. The one thing Genus – Attention Whore hates is anything that steals their spotlight.

18 responses to “And with a Rebel Flag, She Cried, “More…Attention Please!”

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Better yet, I’d ask that the Gay Pride march go right by my house with a stop on my front lawn for refreshments. “Loves her heritage” is truly a remarkably stupid statement. That’s not heritage; it’s an ugly moment in history. Nothing more divisive than a confederate flag on your property.

  • beaglezmom

    Once again a person who only sees how SHE feels. She’s not racists – she loves her heritage of oppression, cruelty and arrogance – its all about HER. The fact that the flag affects OTHERS would never cross her mind. Genus – Attention Whore – Subgenus – Narcissist.

    I’m in love with the “Get over it” flag. Here in Richmond we have a street with stone monuments lining it for all the civil war southern generals (called Monument Ave). My friends call it “Losers Lane.” and the monuments “second place trophies”.

  • lbwoodgate

    Sad. Very, very sad. The troglodytes continue to breed.

  • dcmartin

    “Stop talking about slavery, it was a long time ago and it makes me feel bad! Now would you hold my Stars and Bars while I adjust the crenoline for my Civil War Re-enactment Cotillion dress? Hey – we were having a hard time finding self-respecting black people to dress up as slaves for the Sons of the Confederacy Ball……would you mind doing me a solid and putting on this Mammy outfit?”


  • lobotero

    I live in the South….and this person is the norm rather than the exception!

  • afrankangle

    Crazy … simply crazy. Just another example of selfish over others.

  • littlebangtheory

    I recall an episode of “This American Life” in which a young black man bought an old pick-up truck and put a big Confederate flag in the back window and drove around his racist town encouraging all his black friends and neighbors to do the same. It wasn’t long before the White Folk began taking theirs down, seeing as it had now been co-opted by Them Black Folks.

    I heard it as kinda like appropriating the word “Nigger” as a term of Brotherly Solidarity and thereby taking the venom out of it. It seems to be a more powerful tool than railing against someone’s deeply held beliefs, regardless of how stupid they may appear to moral people.

    I’m sure we have different life experiences within which to evaluate that approach – how does that thought come across to you?

    • Spinny Liberal

      Hmmm. I’ve heard that argument about the n word. I think I understand the thinking behind it. For me, though, it’s still an ugly word, whoever takes ownership of it.

      About that show you referenced – that’s pretty clever. I wonder if it would work in real life.

      Thanks for stopping by, littlebang 😀

  • nonnie9999

    she’s like the religious fanatics who can’t seem to keep their religion to themselves. they want to foist it on everyone else so they can feel important. she can be proud of her heritage by keeping her racist confederate shit inside her house.

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