On the Execution of Troy Davis

It was a strange afternoon. I checked CNN at around 4:15 PM PST. I thought I would see that he had been executed. Georgia was waiting on the decision of the US Supreme Court. Davis’ legal team filed an appeal with the SCOTUS after the Georgia Supreme Court denied the stay.

The SCOTUS eventually denied his stay of execution. Surprisingly, it took almost 3 hours for them to deliver the decision. I am thankful that they really took the time to discuss it. The fact that they did shows me that there was a lot to consider. I really think there was too much doubt. Troy Davis was executed at 11:08 PM EST last night.

It’s done. He maintained his innocence until the end. His last words:

“I’d like to address the MacPhail family. Let you know, despite the situation you are in, I’m not the one who personally killed your son, your father, your brother. I am innocent. The incident that happened that night is not my fault. I did not have a gun. All I can ask … is that you look deeper into this case so that you really can finally see the truth.

I ask my family and friends to continue to fight this fight.

For those about to take my life, God have mercy on your souls. And may God bless your souls.”

This case just made me sad. After reading blogs and stories over the last few days, one op-ed article stood out. Bob Barr is a former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia, and he couldn’t have stated better or more accurately how I feel:

“In Davis’ evidentiary hearing the court presumed guilt and required the condemned to prove his innocence. Even the judge deemed the standard “extraordinarily high.” Proving one’s innocence of a crime is a potentially insurmountable task — one Davis was unable to meet. But while Davis was unable to “prove” his innocence, he established considerable doubts as to his guilt, prompting the judge to acknowledge that the state’s case against him was “not ironclad.”

I am a longtime supporter of the death penalty. I make no judgment as to whether Davis is guilty or innocent. And surely the citizens of Savannah and the state of Georgia want justice served on behalf of Officer MacPhail.

But imposing an irreversible sentence of death on the skimpiest of evidence will not serve the interest of justice. By granting clemency, the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles will adhere to the most sacred principles of American jurisprudence, and will keep a man from being executed when we cannot be assured of his guilt.”

Even though we can’t undo what’s done, we can speak out when we see injustice. Hopefully, we can prevent other executions that carry large clouds of doubt surrounding them.

15 responses to “On the Execution of Troy Davis

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    I watched Amy Goodman report live for four hours from the prison. It reminded me all too much of the shit that went down here in Bako..but our version was slightly different..white folks and no death sentence.

    But the bottom line is this..lousy law enforcement, worse District Attorney office and a judicial system that continued to validate both of those shitty and possibly corrupt departments, but this time..a man died and like you said..that can not be undone. SCOTUS took four fucking hours to issue a one sentence response to the pleas of Davis’ attorneys.

    I cried, it was too personal for me. Hit too close to home. I no longer support the death penalty. I can’t, after the Troy Davis case and the failure of SCOTUS to intervene and at the very least, give him a new trial.

  • Don in Massachusetts

    Since the day I was born, I’ve been against Capital Punishment, and forever will be. Now, it should be abolished, as further proof of the shit that happens like in Georgia, and it will not stop until we get rid of it.

  • lobotero

    All this shows we are not as civilized as we want the world to believe.

  • dcmartin

    Too bummed to say much of anything, besides “lovely post, Spinny”.
    I am usually a fountain of words, but they elude me for this.
    Just bummed.

  • Terrance H.


    That’s for that Barr quote. I’m in a discussion with someone right now and I’ve just begun my research, and that particular quote is going to help a great deal.

    As for the case itself, it’s horrible. This is why we should do away with the death penalty.

  • rob mack

    What innocent man, the only innocent man was the cop who got shot by this guy. Troy Davis was guilty if not of the actual murder he was complicit in the events that led to it. He was out that night acting a fool with dumb friends. That is what happens when you hang with the wrong crowd (use this as a message to wayward youth). He can’t deny he was at the murder scene that night when he and his friend were beating the crap out of a homeless black man when were interrupted by the off duty WHITE police officer trying to stop BLACK men from beating on another BLACK man and was shot. That WHITE guy could have said “those ni**rs” again and went about his business but he stopped to help a BLACK man and paid with his life. I don’t know when black people became so racist but it sickens me that we have and to our detriment because we defend killers of white people. Shame on black people who support this guy. I don’t want these fools free and running around doing crime. That is why black neighborhood are seething with murder, robbery and all manners of villainy because we refuse to cooperate with the police and the justice system to hold these fools accountable. Look at the school system, black kids can’t learn because the classes are filled with ignorant black trouble-making kids that we constantly coddle and excuse their foolery through crying racism. Its not racism but our own stupidity that has made the black community the least productive sub group in America with the highest criminality by percentage of any group. Its not racism its stupidity, just like supporting this murderer or at least robber and felonious assaulter. I personally want more fools off the street , lock them up and throw the key away. You don’t want unfair drug sentencing then STOP selling the gat damn CRACK. I have never touched crack and if someone had it, I would get the F**K away from them. Instead of doing that we complain about the sentencing. I hope they lock the shit out of people with crack , any crack, lock you up if you smell of crack, I don’t want you in my neighborhood around my kids. But we are so dumb that we fight to have these fools released early and then wonder why the club is always getting shot up. What do you think these people are going to do when they get out of jail , win the Noble Peace Prize, NO they’re gonna rob, murder, steal and F**K up the neighborhood before the cops arrest them again to the protests of the very people they just finish terrorizing. These posters supporting this guy are full of shit. They would lock their door if Troy Davis was standing outside their house along with all criminals they support on daily basis. Fools.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.

      He was out that night acting a fool with dumb friends.
      That doesn’t make him a killer. And the fact that he was at the scene doesn’t make him the shooter.

      Shame on black people who support this guy.
      I’m not black, but really? I thought people of any race were supporting him because there was too much doubt in the case to execute him. That’s why I did.

      I personally want more fools off the street , lock them up and throw the key away.
      OK, I’d love drug dealers, murderers, etc. off the street too, but is that the really the answer? I don’t know what the answer is, but our prison system is already overcrowded. Where would we put all of them?

      These posters supporting this guy are full of shit. They would lock their door if Troy Davis was standing outside their house along with all criminals they support on daily basis. Fools.
      The only thing I supported was his clemency because there was way too much doubt. Cases should be iron clad before we execute. And clemency doesn’t mean he’s walks out of prison. It would be a life sentence. And if a criminal was outside my door, you bet your ass I’d lock the door. What am I supposed to do? Invite them in for coffee?


  • The Hook

    Nice response to such a confusing situation.

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