Colorado Kitty Ended up in the City that Never Sleeps

Colorado Cat, Missing 5 Years, is Found on NYC Street

I’m adding another feel good story. It’s Friday, and I want to continue the positive vibe from yesterday’s story.

I’m not a cat person, even though some are very cute and sweet. They make me itchy and sneeze. I loved this story, though, because miracles can happen. Wednesday night, I had a nice Thai dinner with my friend Monica who is moving to Colorado. She’s bringing her cat, and her sister warned that if she gets out, it’s pretty much a death sentence. Coyotes usually end up getting them. The Squires family thought that is what happened to Willow.

So it’s awesome that the family found her. Considering her “girth,” it sounds like she was fed pretty well.

This story also shows why microchipping is a good idea. Animal Care & Control found the Squires by scanning the microchip that was under Willow’s skin. Vets and animal cops usually have scanners so if you lose your dog or cat, the chances for a reunion (and relief) increases if they’re microchipped.

It’s not that expensive. $30 – 50 to have the chip implanted and $20 to register it. Some animal shelters will offer it at reduced cost too. And some private rescue organizations include microchipping in their adoption fee. When we adopted Diggy from Grateful Dogs Rescue in San Francisco, he was microchipped and good to go! So, if you have pets, please consider it.

The mystery is how Willow got to NYC – almost 1800 miles away. Hmm. Did her vagabound paws long to stray? Did she have little town blues? Since her picture and story spread worldwide, she “made it there.”

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