Pastor Steve Stone is a Rock Star!

A Ramadan Story Of Two Faiths Bound In Friendship

Mira, a dear friend from high school, posted a link to this article on her Facebook page. Just when I needed it the most. I was feeling really down from people in the Tea Party Debate audience cheering and yelling YES! to the question, “Would you let him (an uninsured man) die?” I’ve been reading a lot of messed up responses supporting those really messed up people. I know not all Republicans are like that. My mom is a Conservative Christian who found that reaction “inexcusable.”

So when I read the article, it reminded me that there are many Christians who actually try to follow Jesus’ example. Pastor Steve Stone of the Heartsong Church in Cordova, TN. demonstrated this last year. I got verklempt (in a good way) reading the story:

The Muslim community was building a new mosque, but it was a delicate time. Proposed Islamic centers were kicking up controversy from New York to Murfreesboro — another Tennessee town just 200 miles away from Cordova.

“We were looking at some close-by halls and rental spaces and none of them were available,” Siddiqui says. They asked Stone if they could borrow a small space inside his Heartsong Church. “He said, ‘No. You’re going to pray in our main worship space.‘”

“We were so honored to be asked, because we knew that if they ever had any thought that we would say no, they would not have asked us,” Stone says.

Now that is being Christ-like. A year later, they still maintain a great relationship. Together, they help the homeless in the neighborhood once a month.

The director of the Memphis Islamic Center summed it up beautifully:

“We have different faith traditions. But at the same time, we know that we can get along, we know that we can work together. And we have respect for one another, because we are people of faith.”

We constantly hear about the problems and how we’re more divided than ever. It may be true, but there are great stories of people uniting, like the Christian and Muslim Communities in Cordova. I definitely need to be seeking out these kinds of stories more to help my spinny head.

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