No Rollercoasters after Ramadan

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Wow. I’m sure they didn’t envision celebrating Eid face down on asphalt. This story is just awful all around.

First things first. I absolutely agree with the ride policy. For safety reasons, of course. It’s common sense. Who wants to be strangled by a scarf? And who wants to see someone strangled by a scarf? No one. And it has happened before. Woman Strangled by Hijab in Freak Accident Different parks have different rules. Other parks allow hijabs, provided they’re secured tightly – like Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson NJ.

What I don’t agree with was how the police handled it. Did they have to throw them to the ground? Beat them up? I mean look at that guy’s face! They should have just told them to get their refund and go or escorted them off the property if they refused. It’s not like they had weapons. I think the police were way too forceful here.

This was a sad situation that didn’t have to happen.

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