Michele Bachmann, Comedienne

My little sister is like most Americans in that politics isn’t that important to her. And it’s certainly not a crazy obsession as it is for me. She’s too busy working and raising my two amazing nieces. That’s why I laughed out loud when I got her one line e-mail this morning:

“Who is this Michele Bachmann, and why is she lame?”

I knew exactly why she asked. It was the hurricane comment. Her friend’s post on Facebook prompted the question:

Michele Bachmann says God sent the storm that killed 40 people and will cost the government billions in recovery just to let the folks in Washington DC know they need to cut the deficit. Seriously? Couldn’t He just send a postcard or something?

Apparently, God is pissed at Washington and sent natural catastrophes to wake up those in government.

“I don’t know how much God has to do to get the attention of the politicians. We’ve had an earthquake; we’ve had a hurricane. He said, ‘Are you going to start listening to Me here?’ Listen to the American people because the American people are roaring right now. They know government is on a morbid obesity diet and we’ve got to rein in the spending.”

That comment made me cringe. Ridiculous. If this was a message from God, I think He would take the direct route and smite the people screwing us over – not the ones being screwed. The comment was also insensitive as hell since 42 people died and upstate NY and VT are still dealing with it.

When she says things like this, is it any wonder why she’s called “batshit crazy?” She can’t blame the “lame stream media.” After all, they’re just relaying what she said verbatim.

She went into damage control mode today:

“Of course I was being humorous when I said that. It would be absurd to think it was anything else. I am a person who loves humor, I have a great sense of humor.”

A real Lily Tomlin, that one. Not only is it not funny, it’s pretty telling. Even if she was just kidding, people thought she was serious. And if she wasn’t kidding, then a lot of people would think what she’s saying is insane. Or that she’s insane. Lose – lose.

Although, since Rick Perry is stealing everyone’s thunder, was this her way to get back into the spotlight? Hmmm. Tricky tricky. If that was the plan, it worked.

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