Kiss My Ass, Roger Williams!

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Man, this campaign ad pissed me off.  It wasn’t using donkeys (the symbol for the Democrat Party). That was lame and completely unoriginal. It was the message.  He is comparing the poor on government assistance to animals.  He provides food and shelter which is difficult to do because of the government taxing him. The donkeys feel he “owes it to them.” He said they’re looking for handouts, and it’s hard to get them to do anything. The kicker for me was when he told one donkey,

“Don’t turn your head, I know you’re embarrassed because you’re part of the problem.”

Let’s see. In under 40 seconds, he said poor people are lazy, entitled, freeloaders. Why stop there? He decided to shame them too.

This isn’t the first time a GOP candidate has compared welfare recipients to animals. One used raccoons:

Another Sickening Republican Wants Into The Senate From Nebraska

Donkeys, raccoons, whatever else. Just not human. “Less” than you. If they were human, then there is probably a story about how they came to receive government assistance. Maybe before they were on welfare, they were like you.  And that’s what scares you. Life can turn on a dime, and maybe you will be the one asking for help.

That possiblity is too frightening to comprehend, so screw all that. Continue to dehumanize them. You won’t end up like them because you’re not like them. They’re just animals after all, right?

58 responses to “Kiss My Ass, Roger Williams!

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    I am beyond disgusted by this. Who’d have thought that the response to the Dems and progressives’ call for the most wealthy to share the tax burden would be this – to blame the poor for the “spending problem”? Yes, this video says it all – the poor have no voice.

  • dcmartin

    It is so odd how Jesus-loving conservatives are so against the very people Jesus spent most of his time with, isn’t it? Jesus wasn’t hanging with the Risk Perrys and Glenn Becks of the world…..he was hanging with the WIC moms and the disabled vets and (GASP!) the prostitutes and the homosexuals. I saw this article yesterday,–on-the-middle-class-and-working-poor/2011/08/23/gIQAEDJuZJ_story.html?wprss=rss_homepage
    and posted it, along with this status, on Facebook:
    “Quelle surprise……………people who swept into office on the middle class cry of “Taxed Enough Already” think it REALLY only applies to the upper class. It is SO shocking when politicians speak from the crooked side of their mouths.
    What was it the tea drinkers kept saying about kool-aid?
    Hey pot – you’re a kettle.”
    CRICKETS from my usually very vocal conservative peanut gallery.
    Rich corporations and wealthy individuals should be spared taxation, but the middle class and working poor should shoulder more burden? And the “bottom feeders” who are surely all on assistance because they are LAZY and there are no other social, economic, or educational factors involved AT ALL …..well, screw them and their kids eating up “my tax dollars”, yadda ,yadda yadda.
    Compassionate conservatism”, my ass.

  • John Barron

    he wasnt comparing the poor to animals, he was equating the poor with democrats.

    I have long said the democrats treat the poor like children, or pets. They think they cant care for themselves so we must remember to feed them. They cant support themselves,so we must give them a place to live. I have written on this a couple times. I’ll gladly post the links to my more thorough opinion on this matter, if its allowable. (Idont comment just to advertize, thats why I ask)

    • lbwoodgate

      “They think they cant care for themselves so we must remember to feed them. They cant support themselves,so we must give them a place to live.”

      That would be an ASS-umption of yours and those on the right, contrived to support the silly notion that all people have an equal opportunity at all times in this country to be self-sustaining.

      Right now there are 5 applicants for each job, people making wages that barely feed a family of four and old people on fixed incomes that can’t work but who want too. Health insurance is not affordable for these people and many may get one meal a day.

      Republicans claim that the free market will correct what’s wrong. Will it? Will it give a job to everyone who wants one at a livable wage? I’m all for that but it is a pipe dream that folks like you keep fostering while ignoring the reality of people who have lost their jobs and homes through no fault of their own.

      • Terrance H.

        the silly notion that all people have an equal opportunity at all times in this country to be self-sustaining.


        John as argued exactly that before. It doesn’t seem to matter to him that some people start with everything while others start with nothing. But because of the pipe-dream that America is just a wonderful, beautiful, amazingly grand country where nothing bad ever happens, we all start with an equal footing.. And those who fail simply squandered the great American opportunity.

        Isn’t that right, John? You have in fact said that those who do not succeed most likely squandered their opportunity by skipping school, drinking, drugs, etc….

    • Snoring Dog Studio

      Oh, puhhhleeeeze, John! BSSSSSSSSSSS! This was a barely disguised slam against individuals taking government services. It included a slam against the Democrats. This is a Republican strategy now to demean and disparage individuals who have had to rely on the government to meet their BASIC needs. They aren’t asking the government to pay for their company jets or trips to conferences in the Bahamas. It was crass, unadulterated class warfare.

    • Spinny Liberal

      I didn’t get that at all. It was a clear jab at people who are receiving government assistance. He feeds and shelters the “donkeys” and now they feel he owes it to them. He can’t get them to do anything, and they want handouts. This is how a lot of those against these programs think about the people using them.

      Feel free to post your links.

  • John Barron

    heres another thing I noticed, Williams seems to go back and forth comparing the donkeys with democrat politicians and the democrat voting base without differentiating. I think if you rewatch it, you’ll see that.

  • Steve

    There was nothing about poor people in this ad. And Jesus-loving conservatives (as if that is an insult) are not against the poor. They probably do more for the poor than liberals.

  • Steve

    Your interpretation about the ad is valid. I’ve known for years that conservatives give more to charity than liberals. The difference here is that conservatives want the private sector to handle it, while liberals want the government to run everything (and I mean EVERYTHING).

    Even Warren Buffet (one of those evil rich people), who says he wants to pay more in taxes, yet doesn’t, gives about half his earnings to several foundations. When asked why he doesn’t give that to the government, he stated that private foundations are more efficient, have lower administrative costs and are better at selecting beneficiaries.

    Go figure.

  • Steve

    Dear lbwoodgate: The reason we still have poor, even with charities and govt programs is that there is not enough in the producing class to contribute to the taking class. If we had programs that would turn takers into producers, instead of creating more takers, we’d greatly alleviate the problem.

  • Steve

    Dear lbwoodate: In reply to your following statement: “Republicans claim that the free market will correct what’s wrong. Will it? Will it give a job to everyone who wants one at a livable wage? I’m all for that but it is a pipe dream that folks like you keep fostering while ignoring the reality of people who have lost their jobs and homes through no fault of their own.”

    First, there is no system I know of that will provide jobs to everyone who wants one at a livable wage. I know of no Republican who has made that hyperbolic claim. However, as a student of history, I’ve come to the conclusion the free market system, with all its imperfections, will create more jobs and more wealth than a centrally-planned system. Of course, it really isn’t that simple, but if you look at the reasons for our current unemployment rate, Obama’s policies have prevented our free-market system from functioning as it should.

    To not realize this is to not understand government, history and human psychology.

  • Ric

    And if it were a real free market system, instead of the current corporate welfare system, then all those big Wall Street firms and banks that brought us the problem in the first place would have crashed and burned and we would very likely be in another Great Depression. And it wasn’t Obama’s policies that brought on the problem – the recession happened under Bush and Republican policies. People lost their jobs under Bush and the Republicans and in a minimally regulated financial system.

    But never mind.

    Ten to one the donkey guy in the video abuses animals.

    • Steve


      There we go. Had to happen. It was Bush’s fault.

      When Bush left office in Jan 09, the unemployment rate was about 7.6 percent, so yes, many did lose their jobs from the low of 4.1 during the time Bush and the Republicans were in charge. What’s the rate now?

      Obama promised his programs would keep unemployment under 8 percent.

      Have his policies worked? No. The Democrats had super majorities in Congress from Jan 2007 through Jan 2011. Did anything they tried worked? No. Have all these new regulations and laws helped? No.

      To just blame Republicans and lack of regulation is just plain simple minded and dumb, in my opinion. It’s based on ideology, not facts.

      But go ahead and blame Bush. Doesn’t bother me and if it makes you feel good, go for it.

      And your last statement confirms my belief that liberals use personal attacks because they know they can’t win the argument based on factual analysis. Right out of Alinksy’s playbook. Thank you for not disappointing.

      • Ric

        Thank you so much for giving me permission to blame Bush for the right wing assholery he and his friends visited on the country. Very kind of you. Arrogant, but kind.

        Don’t make the error though of thinking that because Bush fucked us over that I believe Obama has been wonderful. Unfortunately he’s made serious mistakes in how he’s had to deal with the fools in the Congressional Republican Party and the Tea Party who care more about themselves than about the country, which is what comes of being simple-minded, dumb, and ideological. Oh, yeah, looked in the mirror lately, Steve? (Oh dear, a personal attack! Not really – for it to be personal I’d have to know you, and I don’t, nor do I care to. You talk like just another dumbass winger spitting out the winger quote book. Maybe you are, maybe you aren’t. I don’t give a rat’s ass. I’m just in a bad mood and you’re handy, politically speaking.)

        As for donkey man being an animal abuser, who knows? But it’s fair to assume that if he’s willing to treat people like shit then he’s likely to treat his animals the same way. And apparently he thinks people who aren’t just like him are shit. But maybe he treats his animals well because he craps on people and has no friends. I don’t really give a damn about him.

  • Steve

    Hey Ric,

    do you know what caused the earthquake in Washington D.C. the other day?

    There is an obscure fault line under Washington called Bush’s Fault.


  • John Myste

    @LBwoodgate and Steve,

    Republicans claim that the free market will correct what’s wrong. Will it? Will it give a job to everyone who wants one at a livable wage?

    Republicans have always worried about if a job was there to be had and they have never worried about if the person holding that job could survive on the income, so stop putting words int republicans mouths. It’s not fair.

    Republicans want people of welfare. It is not about whether those people survive.

  • The Hook

    Great title! Really sets the tone, you know what I mean?

  • Terrance H.

    What a douchebag.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    LIke Ric, I’m in a bad mood, too. I used a tone and words that were unfortunate and for that I’m sorry. But I’m done. I’m done with giving the conservatives the benefit of the doubt. What I’ve seen happen since Obama got elected had been an unbridled conservative backlash against people who are disadvantaged through poverty, sickness, and personal lifestyles. Who are they targeting? Well, with all the vast cuts to Medicaid services, they’re targeting the poor and physically and mentally disadvantaged. With the cuts to education, they’ve targeted teachers – not wealthy folks – teachers. With their stonewalling and fighting against healthcare reform, they’re targeting the poor and disadvantaged and the middle class. With their fight to prevent the debt ceiling to be raised, they targeted small business people and anyone unemployed. With their sanctimonious preaching and opposition to gay marriage, they’re targeting the LGBT population. Who’s been left untouched? The wealthy. And in the time that Obama became president, did any wealthy business people pick up the slack in filling in the holes left by cuts to government services? Point out some for me. We’re in this financial hell hole because of Bush, yes, but also because the conservatives fought to keep Obama from putting together a truly useful and robust stimulus package. Because, really, a ton of conservatives just don’t care about people who have less.

  • Steve

    Wow. Now I know. I really made a mistake thinking I could engage in constructive dialog with you guys.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Well…woman, Ric. No biggie, though. That was funny. I’m fed up, too, but I realize now that my anger over this is only doing me damage. I have many differences of opinion with conservatives. I would hope that I could someday find some similarities, but I don’t think I can do that if I keep screeching at them. Cuz, you know, many of them will just screech back.

    • Terrance H.


      Have you all of a sudden started hating conservatives? Because back when I was one, you still commented on my blog and were always nice and kind to me. Good thing I switched… LOL

      • Snoring Dog Studio

        Terrance, I’ve struggled with my rage for years now – ever since Obama got elected. It has seemed to me that since that moment, the dialogue got even more rancorous and divisive. I started to form an opinion of conservatives that isn’t flattering. Yet, I know conservatives who I very much like and admire. I think the big difference for me now is that my opinion of politicians has sunk to such a low – and, honestly, the ever growing field of weird, homophobic Republican candidates hasn’t helped. I quit reading the comments to the news in my local paper because I’d keep reading things like, “let them [the poor] pull themselves up by their own bootstraps”. The problem is, there aren’t any boots nor straps left to pull up. I’m trying to separate what some of them say from the people they truly are. I’m trying. With you, I made the effort because I could see that you and I agreed on a few things, plus, you are a good, decent fellow. I hope that I’ll start having that transformation more and more. As far as Steve, he wants a conversation, yet he didn’t provide any facts – he repeated soundbites and phrases we’ve all heard so much from politicians who are more concerned about getting re-elected than governing and legislating.

  • John Barron

    How did the poor who lived before the advent of government programs lift themselves up by their bootstraps? The poor who lived before the advent of these “handouts” were actually poor. The government didnt fed them, house them, or give them free phones. they were like 3rd world poor. Where did they get bootstraps? How did they survive? And why can’t today’s “poor” do it?

    • Snoring Dog Studio

      Oh, John. I can’t even summon up enough outrage to respond adequately. But I sincerely doubt you’d be able to stand in front of a person who, by no fault of his or hers, is destitute and desperate, and say what you’ve said.

  • John Barron

    Someone who is poor is rarely that way through no fault of their own. That’s the exception, not the rule. The vast majority of people are poor due to a lifetime of bad decisions.

  • Ric

    Sure they are, Barron. Tell that to the middle class people who are living in their cars with their families because of the state of the economy the last few years.

    As for pulling yourself up by your bootstraps, try it sometime. You’ll fall on your ass.

    As for those of you here who have functioning brains, I recommend the latest issue (September) of Smithsonian magazine, page 94, on the Finnish school system. See what an intelligent, rational society that isn’t completely focused on money can do for its children and its future.

  • John Barron

    Funny you should say that, I was out of working for two years a while back while unemployment only paid for 26 weeks, house foreclosed on and lost it. I know about pulling up the bootstraps. I also know lack of motivation when I see it too

    • dcmartin

      Well, John Barron, it sounds like you just didn’t employ enough conservative bootstrappyness or you would not have had to suck the government teat for 26 weeks. Your conservative card is revoked, and you are now a donkey like the rest of us, to be scorned and berated by the acolytes of St. Ronnie’s Church of Economic Snobbery. You lacked sufficient motivation to work double overtime at McDonald’s and moonlight at WalMart to keep that house from getting foreclosed on during that two year “unemployed” stint. and yes, I used quotes there, because the party line is “there’s work out there if you get off your ass and take it” . So what if it doesn’t pay the bills and you lose everything? WORK HARDER, for a minimum wage that many conservatives are starting to say should be abolished anyway… market, baby!!! Try to pay your bills on THAT if Michele Bachmann gets elected. But hey, bonus….child labor laws will probably go out the window too, so Jr. can get a job in the coal mine at 12 and pull his own weight! I mean, why should Boehner or any of the others who were screaming “jobs, jobs, JOBS” actually follow through with creating any – they’ve got uteri to regulate and gays to persecute! Keeping whores from having access to birth control and keeping gay marriage from bringing about earthquakes and hurricanes is job #1.
      Meanwhile, grab your ankles and get ready to pay more taxes while the Koch brothers get some more tax breaks from the gents in their deep pockets.
      Go, conservatives!!!!!!!!

  • Ric

    And apparently you decided that everyone else’s background, situation, personality, resources, and motivations were exactly the same as yours, so they should be able to do just what you did, and thus you get to pronounce judgement on them and condemn them.

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