The Tea Party: Not Winning Popularity Contests?

Survey’s Surprising Finding: Tea Party Less Popular than Atheists and Muslims

Interesting. The two groups that I’ve noticed the Tea Party having problems with are less popular than they are. Do I buy it?

I don’t know. I was skeptical because it was a follow-up to their to the study for their book, “American Grace: How Religion Divides and Unites Us.” In the follow-up, they added Atheists and the Tea Party. I found that odd because the Tea Party is not a religion. Atheism isn’t either but is related (not believing in God).


They also found out from their original survey that those who became Tea Party supporters were:

  • Highly partisan Republican
  • Overwhelmingly white
  • Low opinion of immigrants and blacks
  • Seek out “deeply religious” elected officials

This I can buy.  It’s strange that they put the Tea Party in their survey because it’s not a religion. However, from that, you can definitely find out the demographics of those who support them. Their findings don’t surprise me.

But are they less popular than the Atheists and Muslims?  

Maybe to Atheists and Muslims. And to a lot of others, definitely.  I wouldn’t use this survey to “prove”  it, though.



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