Ta Ta, T-Paw

Struggling Republican Pawlenty Exits White House Race

Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll on Saturday with 29 percent of the vote. Ron Paul, a congressman from Texas, was second with 28 percent and Pawlenty at 14 percent. Romney was on the straw ballot but did not participate.

When you get half the number of the votes as the guy who believes that smack should be legal, it’s time to bow out.

I’m glad he realized it was time to drop out of the race.  He didn’t have a chance.  Solid Conservative record, but the personality of white bread. And not even butter top.  He was insanely boring in the first debate.  I think he realized that and went the opposite direction on Thursday’s debate. He was interesting…because he bashed Michele Bachmann. Pundits and analysts voted him the loser of the debate because of his unrelenting jabs at Bachmann.

I believe that, Governor Good Hair deciding to run, and coming in dead last in the straw poll told him that it wasn’t meant to be. He realized that he was the little fish.

“You know, I’m from a small state. I don’t have a big national financial network or political network,” he said.

It’s interesting. Because he has the sense to realize that he doesn’t have what it takes to pull this off, it makes me think that this kind of grasp on reality is exactly what the GOP primary needs.

However, considering the fringe’s influence on the GOP, that right there means he didn’t stand a chance.  Godspeed, T-Paw.

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