Patrolling the Streets

Saturday night, I listened to Karel while in the drive through line (burger ritual). He was talking about a shooting in East Oakland that came on the heels of 40 officers  being rehired after a layoff last year. 80 officers were let go, and half came back, thank God. There were 91 homicides this year – 17 more than this time last year.

He talked about what to do about crime in our cities. He believes that there should be 3x the number of police officers, more money should be put in education and community development.  Of course, I agree. But he also mentioned  another solution – bringing the troops back home, discharging them, and then hiring and training them to patrol our streets.  Hmm. The military patrolling our streets is unconstitutional, which is why he probably mentioned the discharging them.

I  really don’t have a problem with it.  Considering all the crime in our big cities, why not? 

We need people patrolling the streets. Cities are cutting back on police – like in Oakland. Less police patrols = more crime. Former military can provide the numbers we need. 

We can bring the troops back home.  A full withdrawal from Iraq would be great.  What are they doing there? They’re patrolling the streets and protecting Iraqis from insurgents.  Sorry, but I care about more about Americans than Iraqis. There are parts of our big cities that are full of drugs and crime.  It’s not safe to walk around. We can protect our citizens from the criminal element. I’d rather see my tax dollars go toward the safety of Americans than Iraqis. 

I think it would be a win-win. Scare the crap out of criminals by filling the streets with the good guys. Finally send the message that we’re not going to put up with their gang and drug crap anymore. 

If this sounds too extreme, we can always go to the first solution. 3x the number of police officers. Works for me.  Because I know what’s not working.  Laying off 80 police officers (almost 10% of your force) for a population of almost 400,000 people.


12 responses to “Patrolling the Streets

  • lbwoodgate

    This may be a solution to correct the high vet unemployment rate that’s higher than the general public right now; somewhere around 25% I think.

    You may get some shared empathy on this out in S.F. but the attitude around the nation, at least with the right-wing legislators is to cut spending in these areas. So sad.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Wow 25%? That would work out great if they would do it.
      I don’t get it. That’s the last thing that should be on the chopping block. They shouldn’t complain when their cities are over run with drugs and violence then.

  • Terrance H.

    I live in Saginaw, MI, which, according to the FBI, is the most violent city in the United States with a population of 50,000 or more.


    That was last year. I don’t know that we faired any better this year, considering we beat our all time record for most murders in a single summer!!!!!!!

    It sounds scary, but it’s really not. Most of the trouble occurs on the East Side of Saginaw, in the ghetto. When I worked on the ambulance, I was always on that side of town. After awhile, you learn how to carry yourself, how to talk to them, and so on. They don’t give you too much trouble unless you’re in a rival gang.

    I live only 20 minutes from Flint, Michigan, which is the foruth most dangerous city in the United States with a population of 100,000 or more.
    The University of Michigan has a campus in Flint, and when I was going to school there some of my classes were on that campus. Other than that, I never bothered to go to Flint very much. I passed through, but that is about it.

    You would think, though, that Saginaw and Flint wouldn’t dream of reducing the number of police officers. Right?

    That’s what you’d think. But, of course, they did. They laid off several and then crime went up even higher, and people are pissed. Next election, however, we’ll take care of it….

  • lobotero

    Spending cuts and services cuts….now there is a way to move the state or country forward…..will the silliness ever cease?

    • Spinny Liberal

      I hope so, lobotero. In Oakland, if there’s like property crime, they encourage people to fill out a report online. They don’t have enough manpower to send officers there to take a report. DIY police reporting. Lovely.

  • beaglezmom

    Its tragic to think police are being laid off while criminals cost the system thousands of dollars in the court, jail, probation, rehabilitation, re-entering the system — and the gang members continue to run their criminal enterprise from jail.

    I think asset seizure and forfeit shouldn’t just be for super-criminals but there should be a way to get the criminal to support the system that exists because of them. If they are poor and can’t pay – then they can work.

    I would love to see a plan in place for our veterans so they can transition back into the civilian world and find the support they need. That would be brilliant.

    • Spinny Liberal

      I don’t know what they can do to stop the problem, but running the enterprise from jail is a huge problem. Now, these prisoners are sneaking incell phones!! Crazy.

      Me too. They definitely need a transition job.

      • Terrance H.


        I told you before that when I was younger I had to do a couple of weeks in jail. The town I got into trouble in is literally like two dogs, a judge, and four other people. Incredibly small town means an incredibly small jail. So, I was transferred to a bigger jail a few miles away to serve my time.

        It was a 70-man block. They had cell phones, pot, cocaine, whiskey, anything you could think of. People blame it on the trustees most often, but I remember seeing a guard slip something to this one inmate. I don’t know what it was but I know there was an exchange.

        So, I don’t think the problem is simply the inmates. It’s also with those who are supposed to be watching the inmates.

      • Spinny Liberal

        😆 @ 2 dogs.

        Seriously, though, the staff I’m sure are part of the problem – collusion, etc. The majority of the blame lies on the inmates, though. I’m pretty sick of them having so many privileges and the ability to conduct “business” from their cells. Bring back chain gangs, penal colonies, and make prison a place you really don’t want to end up.

  • breeze

    Returning vets are often a bit jumpy. I don’t know….

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