Hitler Youth? Really, Glenn?

Glenn Beck Says Norway Camp Like ‘Hitler Youth’

When Fox dumped him, I thought that was the end of him. He just changed the medium and is now polluting radio waves.

Just when you think this guy can’t go any lower, he pulls out that shovel.

The camp “sounds a little like the Hitler Youth or whatever,” Beck said. “Who does a camp for kids that’s all about politics? Disturbing.”

Really? I don’t know about Norway, but here, a lot of camps have themes. Like Christian camp. Or band camp. Or cheerleading camp. This one was for kids who are interested in politics. Even with these themes, what is camp really about? Hanging out with your friends, swimming, doing activities, and enjoying summer.

Whatever their political flavor, these were kids. Comparing them to Hitler Youth is implying that they deserved it. Or what happened wasn’t that tragic. Insensitive as hell, but that hasn’t stopped him before. Which is why this “low” won’t be the last.

21 responses to “Hitler Youth? Really, Glenn?

  • TerranceH


    Beck is the stupidest fucking Mormon since Smith. He is a hateful, pitiful little man…

    If I offend any Mormons, I’m sorry. But understand that every Sunday when we go to my in-laws for dinner, I have to hear about how smart and great Glenn Beck is. My father in-law is a far, far-right nut who loves Beck…. Even when I was a Republican I couldn’t stand listening to that shit. Never liked Beck.

  • lobotero

    We agree that Beck is a MORON! If we were to comment on his f*ck ups….we would never post on anything else…..I, personally am trying to ignore him….as hard as that is to do…..

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    I have hopes that Beck will just fade away into obscurity after awhile. He’ll start drinking, having affairs, lose all his money, and his tear ducts will dry up permanently. Hope springs eternal.

  • Hansi

    What else do you expect from Mr Beck. He’s been kicked off of Fox “News” so he has to do/say something to stay in the lime-lite. Sleaze-bag.

  • beaglezmom

    I suppose the idea that some countries want their young people and citizenry educated about the political system and active in it is lost on Beck since he has made millions playing off the ignorance of people in this country.

    I don’t think he will fade away (that’s far too graceful an exit for Beck) – I think he will go the way of Westboro Baptist church. I think he will need more and more attention, get more and more outrageous and find himself so on the fringe that no one gives him any credit except his own little band of followers.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Completely lost. And you don’t even have to be doing it for the government. if you’re interested and have the opportunity, why not? I would have loved a camp like that as I was interested in politics in my high school years.

      Oh God please, no. Westboro would be horrendous.

  • writechic

    There are Young Democrat and Young Republican clubs on high school campuses around the nation, camps, too. Glenn Beck is not a smart person. That’s established. It’s a particularly repulsive remark since Norway’s Labour party FOUGHT the Nazis and Beck attributed it to murdered children. He just shows there is no place too low or vile for him.

  • Don in Mass

    As long as he has his audience, he will not go away.

    I stopped posting anything what Beck, Limbaugh and Palin have to say, as I mostly ignore the shit they say.

    Their beyond the expiration date, and they should be pulled off the shelves, and thrown in the dumpster.

  • dcmartin

    The real kicker (besides his obvious, insensitive assholery) is that Beck’s own 9/12 Project chapters have sponsored various political summer camps for mini Tea-baggers across the country. Here’s the deets on one in Florida:

    Glenn Beck is a total douche……but we knew that already. didn’t we?

  • nonnie9999

    i hope people contact his advertisers and tell them that they will not buy products from anyone who endorses, directly or indirectly, his brand of hatefulness and insensitivity. he’s a vile piece of shit, and any radio station that carries his offensive show is just as vile as he is.

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