40 is Not the New 20

40 is 40. That phrase attempts to cheer up those reaching this milestone birthday. Effective? Perhaps for some. For me? Let’s just say if I am only as old as I feel, then Happy 209,865th Birthday to me.

The CEO at the company where I work loves to celebrate these big birthdays with either cake or ice cream in the cafeteria. I thought I could get out of it, but she already knew my birthday was coming up. Dangit. Eating ice cream under fluorescent lighting with people who now know your real age? Can’t wait.

I don’t think I would have minded this ritual when I turned 30. I celebrated my 30th on top of the world. Literally. I was in Vegas and had dinner at that revolving restaurant, Top of the World, overlooking the strip. Followed by a night filled with dancing and strip clubs. Your basic exercise in drunken debauchery. I still felt somewhat energetic and alive.

Turning 40 is different. I’m having a lot more trouble with this one. And I know why.

Aging sucks. Especially for women. Men get more “distinguished.” Women just get old. In a culture that places so much emphasis on youth and beauty, every birthday is one year farther away from that young ideal. I think 40 is where you really start to notice the widening gap.

I think 40 also marks the beginning of the decade where some women start looking into Botox®, mini face lifts, and Restylane®. I want to grow old gracefully. I can’t guarantee there won’t be a day where noticing a line or wrinkle will catapult me into researching Restylane® injections. Vain? Completely. Saying I don’t care about what I’ll look like later on is a lie.

So today, I get to eat ice cream in unflattering light and ponder all of this. The CEO promised me that there is life after 40. What kind of life remains to be seen. Here we go…

26 responses to “40 is Not the New 20

  • lobotero

    Men unfortunately fall apart with age…..knees pop…..grunt when sitting or standing….and of course the inevitable Cialis commercial and the usual sportsd car to compensate for what the Cialis is used to correct……….but to your point…I think women are beautiful no matter the age…..Happy Birthday.

  • lbwoodgate

    Not that your at my age level yet – 60’s – there is a great website that you may enjoy devoted to aging by a single elderly lady named Ronni Bennett and who appropriately titles her blog Time Goes By.

    Give it a look see.

  • nonnie9999

    happy birthday, little spinny! enjoy being 40, kid, it only goes downhill from there. 😉

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Growing old isn’t for sissies, eh? The task is to discover what’s special about every age. I wish we could live in a society that respected putting on the years – for men, but especially for women, who seem to suffer the lion’s share of discrimination and marginalization when they begin to look their age.

    Happy birthday, dear Spinny! The 40’s are wonderful years! Enjoy them all.

  • dcmartin

    Happy Birthday, Spinny!
    Without getty sappy, let me just say that, speaking as a peri-menopausal 43 year-old mother of five……it actually does get better! 40 was a panic inducing birthday for me from the day I hit 39 🙂 but when the actual day came and I looked around at what I had and where I was headed, I realized how wonderful it actually was. Getting older was a bitch in some ways, but it’s MY bitch and I like her….she’s got wisdom, great experiences, and a still pretty bangin’ bod, and a family that makes me appreciate life in a way I never could when I was 20-something.

    You’re not getting older, you’re getting Spinny-er, and Spinny is a pretty cool way to be in my book!

    • Spinny Liberal

      Wow you panicked early. I panicked this month. Haha.
      I’m getting to know my bitch. Right now, we’re cordial. 🙂
      Thanks dc!! But if my head gets any spinnier, it may fly right off. 😀

  • Terrance H.

    Happy B-Day, Spinny.

    From what I see in the pic, you’re kinda hot….

    Who knew?

  • myonepreciouslife

    Happy Birthday! (Just enjoy the cake, fluorescent lights be damned.) Yeah, aging sucks in a world where being young is everything, but it ‘s better than the alternative.

  • Kendrick

    Happy birthday Leo Spinny! And I’m so tickled to finally understand our connectedness! Today’s my birthday too. And by the way, 40 is great, and the 40s are great. You have TEN YEARS before 50 — and that one did a number on my head.

  • beaglezmom

    Happy Birthday, Spinny. I have to agree – the 40’s are awesome. At 45 I am halfway through and I have loved them. This is the first decade I feel like I’ve been holding the reins on my life and guiding it great places.

    My partner is 2 years older than me – but for both of our 30th birthdays we were so busy with work, taking care of her ailing parents, people in our lives, etc — that we ate a nice dinner out – swapped a gift and called it a day. When she turned 40 we went to a weekend B & B in the mountains and when I turned 40 she set up a very special event for just good friends, then we went on a trip. I’m telling you – 40 just feels better. Work is in its proper place, Play is in its proper place, and nothing on our bodies is where it started out — but its all settled into a comfy recliner-ish mold. 🙂

    Live and enjoy!!! Or, as the beagles say — Have a Howlin’ good time.

  • pbenjay

    Happy Belated Birthday Spinny! 40 may not be the new 20 but my dear I’m quite sure that 60+ IS the new 40! Take it from who knows…. I just happened to read your ABOUT page and wonder how true it is about opposites attracting. I am an ENTJ. Anyway I popped over tonight because I was hoping to read a blog about John (you speak with forked tongue) McCain. Maybe tomorrow???

    • Spinny Liberal

      Thank you so much pbenjay. 60 sounds like a great age then!
      Awww, no McCain stuff. Sorry. I’m completely sick of this debt ceiling crap. I want Obama to invoke the 14th already and end this crap. But it is funny/sad that he turned on Sharron Angle.

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