I Love the Get Along Gang

As Debt Debate Begins, Obama Praises ‘Gang’ Plan

A plan that includes compromise. Put together by 6 Senate Democrats and Republicans trying to deal with this by being reasonable, acting like adults, and accepting reality. Imagine that.

While this bi-partisan group worked on their plan and Obama lauded it, the GOP passed their all cuts/”our way or the highway” bill.

That doesn’t have a Slurpee’s chance in hell.

So, in addition to selling their bi-partisan plan, they’ll have to deal with what just landed on their desks. I really think the House Republicans don’t care that August 2 is just around the corner.

If they reject this or any plan where they have to give in to stuff, then screw them. I’m so frickin’ tired of them acting like they’re the only party in Washington. Won’t compromise? Fine. Obama should give them a swift kick in the ass and remind them who is in office.

Invoke the 14th amendment. Raise the debt ceiling himself and bypass Congress.

That will make the GOP’s heads explode, which would be entirely on them. This scenario or default can be prevented easily. All it takes is accepting a plan that requires both give and take. Maybe something like the one that Get Along Gang is proposing. Shared sacrifice. What a concept.

13 responses to “I Love the Get Along Gang

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    I am sick of hearing about cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and Soc Sec. First, Soc Sec doesn’t even contribute to the damn deficit. Its fine until the year 2026 or some shit.

    The cuts they are proposing to Medicare and Medicaid involve..once again..cutting the amt paid to Doc’s and Hospitals for their services rendered. How many Doc’s can afford to keep seeing Medicare and Medicaid patients after this next round of pay cuts? My Doc already is supplementing his income by teaching at the county hospital…which means he sees less patients. He doesnt drive a damn BMW, he drives a fucking Ford..a midsize ford at that. Those cuts will see patients getting less and less services..the money has to be made up SOMEWHERE!

    If they want to gut those three programs then they damn well better be raising the hell out of the top two percenters taxes. Raise them at least ten percent..that outta piss them off and see them not getting a new mercedes next year..or remodeling their vacation home.

    70% of our economy is based on consumer spending. They ain’t spending cuz they ain’t got it! I don’t have to be a math major to see that equation. 2 out of every 10 bucks spent came from a social program or an entitlement..and they want to cut entitlements!

    We don’t have a spending problem in DC, we have a revenue problem.

    • Spinny Liberal

      It’s happening now already. There are so many doctors with “no Medicare/Medicaid.” That number will rise I’m sure after the cuts. What’s the point in having the best care in the world if not everyone can access it? Or if they do, they go bankrupt.

      They absolutely need to get more revenue. No doubt.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Right on, Dusty. Well, of course Boehner and that other twit would be standing outside the Gang of Six. Boehner, as I heard last night on NPR, can’t even bring himself to choke out the word, “compromise.” He doesn’t believe in it. I wonder if the people who voted for him knew that. The Gang of Six are showing a lot of people, at least the ones who aren’t so ideologically entrenched, that compromise is critical to progress.

  • Hansihansi

    14 is starting to become my favorite number, and I hope Obama doesn’t cave in, but instead invokes the 14th Amendment. Would certainly blow away a lot of the Tea Partyers who hold the Constitution in such high esteem.

  • lobotero

    If we do the math…..we cannot get out of trouble without cuts and income….to do cuts only….would cut our own throats….About now I am starting to believe that the TP is a suicide pact……

  • beaglezmom

    I LOVE the “Get along Gang” book and analogy. So fitting.

    Of course the House doesn’t care about the deadline or their stupid plan – they just want to say they voted on it so they look all macho to their narrowly focused constituents.

  • nonnie9999

    know what would actually get things done in dc? pass a law that says that all meetings between congresscritters and between congresscritters and lobbyists have to be recorded and available to the public. no more meeting behind closed doors to plot the demise of the other party. they spend all their time figuring out how to get reelected instead of actually doing the job they’re getting paid to do. other than matters of national security, there’s no reason for all the secrecy.

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