Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules 7/15

Hahaha @ Rupert Murdoch! 😀

Sorry that this is the 2nd post on this, guys. My international go-to site pulled it. I should always steal American. 😛

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15 responses to “Real Time with Bill Maher: New Rules 7/15

  • writechic

    He’s so damn funny. 😆

  • Bodrie

    Well, we all new it wouldn’t be long before y’all started trashing Michele Bachman the same way you did Sarah. I thought the whole “women’s lib” movement was supposed to promote the idea of strong independent women who were smart, strong, independent masters of their own destiny and not dependent on a man to define them. I guess that’s only true if they’re liberal. Sarah and Michele embody that, but Hillary Clinton required a man upon who’s coat tails she would ride until she could become noticeable enough to finally go out out on her own – not the definition of a ‘libber’ – but then she is a liberal, so that makes it OK.

    The problem is these women on the other side is that are too smart and independent for the liberals to deal with with in an intellegent manner so their only option (for Maher and the like) is to call them cheap names and try to belittle them because they can’t deal with them in an intellegent way or engage in a conversation of ideas, because, well, they (the liberals) just don’t make any sense. You know of course that every adjective that Mahr used to describe Sarah, he made up, and was so untrue it is laughable. Thanks for playing, but try again. Real, logical thinking people know the difference.

    A Gun Enthusiast Speaks

    • Spinny Liberal

      If you watched the clip, Michele Bachmann became a tax attorney because her husband said so:
      The Submissive Michele Bachmann

      Back in October 2006, recounting her life journey to an audience at the Living Word Christian Center, Bachmann talked about “receiving Jesus” at 16, studying hard, meeting her future husband at college, and earning a law degree. “My husband said ‘Now you need to go and get a post-doctorate degree in tax law.’ Tax law! I hate taxes—why should I go and do something like that?” she told the audience. “But the Lord says be submissive. Wives, you are to be submissive to your husbands.”

      That doesn’t seem like an “independent master of her own destiny.”

      Thank you for reading and commenting.

      • Bodrie

        Point taken about Bachman. I was actually referring more to Palin as she is with out a doubt her own woman in charge of her own destiny and submissive to no one, with a brilliant mind, and true passion for her beliefs.

        I read your link on Bachman and did not know any of that, so thank you for that. I’m still trying to learn about her. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she is not qualified, unlike Obama, who had absolutely no experience, and as a consequence is embarrasing our country while he tears it down and turns it in to a socialist state.


      • Spinny Liberal

        Palin is definitely not submissive – “mama grizzlies” aren’t. I’ll give you passion, but brilliant is where we part ways.

        Whenever I see your name “gunethusiastspeaks,” I’m reminded of The Gun Toting Liberal. He has a pretty cool site.

    • Snoring Dog Studio

      Independent master, gun enthusiast? Make me laugh. She’s a puppet of the Koch brothers. And I don’t have to listen to Bill Maher to find out just how stupid and homophobic Bachmann is. It’s all there, out in the world wide webs, child, if you’d just look. I’d be fine with voting for a conservative Republican female if you all could offer up one who wasn’t so narrow minded and, yes, stupid.

      You can find more of this crap at:

      “While testifying in front of the Minnesota Senate in 2005, Bachmann said, “Literally, if we took away the minimum wage — if conceivably it was gone — we could potentially virtually wipe out unemployment completely because we would be able to offer jobs at whatever level.” This isn’t remotely true. Even simply reducing the minimum wage would, as Paul Krugman noted, “ at best do nothing for employment; more likely it would actually be contractionary.”

    • dcmartin

      I love it when men who support Palin and Bachman solely because of their looks and party affiliation try to justify their mastrubatory obsession with statements like “The problem is these women on the other side is that are too smart and independent for the liberals to deal with with in an intellegent manner so their only option (for Maher and the like) is to call them cheap names and try to belittle them because they can’t deal with them in an intellegent way or engage in a conversation of ideas, because, well, they (the liberals) just don’t make any sense” . Sarah Palin’s grip on issues is so tenuous that she cannot handle questions from anyone that is not Fox-affiliated because of the dreaded “gotcha” questions she might be asked ( you know, like, “What will you take away from this visit?”…”Bells! Warning shots! Thomas Edison invented the car!”), and she might have to veer off her carefully crafted sound bites scribbled on her hand. And Michele Bachman, who claims to be a constitutional scholar and history buff, but can’t get ANYTHING right and constantly spouts the most asinine, incorrect, and often times flat out untruthful BS EVER…………….they are setting women back with their drivel, not propelling them forward. As Snoring said, proffer up a Republican female ( or male, for that matter ) who wasn’t so narrow minded and stupid, with ideas and policies I can get behind, I would have no problem voting for her. But this sexist idea that liberal women pile on the Palins and Bachmann’s of the conservative world out of some jealousy is just bunk. It’s the policies and the stupidity, buddy………NOT the vaginas.

  • Bodrie

    Well you kinda proved my point didn’t you. If you knew anything about Palin, you would know that she has a foundation and belief system based more closely to that of our Founding Fathers than anyone I have seen. That is why progressive liberals hate her so much because their agenda is to try to lead us away from our original ideals and beliefs such as God and the Constitution.

    Leave it to a liberal to immediately jump to “their looks” as if that has any basis at all on my opinion of them. It showed up nowhere in my reply. And what was that vulgarity you included in your lead in? Never mind, it just shows your level of intellegence much like the number of times you used the word “stupid” in italics as if it’s a quote from me. Frankly I lost count in your ramblings. Learn how to use the media pal.

    Sarah also does extremely well responding to questions because her answers come from the heart where her belief system lies, unlike the Bamster who leads with uh.. uh… uh… while he tries to think of a way to side step the question and answer with platitudes that don’t answer the question at all because he really doesn’t know – he didn’t rehearse it and it isn’t on his teleprompter.

    It just comes down to the fact that most liberals become confused when faced with logical ideas that make sense. They can only resort to name calling, vulgarity and nonsensical rambling. At least Spinny here answers with intellegent retorts that invoke thought and reflection. As such she commands respect with her writing. You should take a lesson here bud.

    Thanks for your reply

    • Bodrie

      In the event there is any confusion as to whom the above is directed, it is meant for dcmartin whom I may have wrongly called ‘bud’. I guess I should have said ‘missy’. Sorry.

      • dcmartin

        LOL, I’d save the “missy” for the man who needs a fainting couch for the extreme vulgarity of the word “mastrubatory”……oh my! Good thing I didn’t say “two-fisted double-time jizz fest ” or we’d have to do CPR.
        You may not have said it out-right, but it is obvious that their looks are distracting you and many others from their more glaring faults.
        Sure, Sarah does well answering questions from her hand-picked Fox News cohorts……who wouldn’t? It’s easy to look good when being “questioned” by people who have a paid interest in promoting you in the best light possible. Soft-ball pre-arranged questions from paid boot-lickers are not any better than a teleprompter. On the fly, Obama has his “uh”, and Palin has her” well, ya know, garble garble, “Gotcha” Journalism!”
        While Bachmann’s statements are 90 % of the time laughably incorrect and frankly, insane, I give her credit for at least honestly believing the things she says rather than trying to find the most ways to wring a dollar out of them. Bachmann has an honest conviction, whereas Palin is far more focused on the gravy train…….which is why she’ll never actually run. She know where her bread is buttered,
        and it is not in the White House.
        I’m SO crushed that you find fault with my writing style, I’ll try to make it a tad more Shakespearean on the next Bill Maher thread for you, if you’d like. (My apologies for the formatting screw-up, but if you cannot count, I used the word “stupid” ONCE, in reference to what Snoring said, and I used the word “stupidity” ONCE, after that…..dang, that was hard!) In the mean time, if you are going to chide liberals for childish name calling, perhaps you ought to re-think referring to the President of the United States as “the Bamster “… might make the fall off that high horse a tad shorter.

        Have a swell day, Bodrie,and you’re welcome for your reply!

      • Bodrie

        I love to poke liberals and watch ’em squirm. Whenever I need a laugh, I’ll reply to their nonsense and watch ’em try to explain themselves. It’s so easy to get ’em goin’. They get so angry.

        Great fun dc. You’ve kept me entertained for two days now. Keep it coming. 😀


  • Snoring Dog Studio

    “I love to poke liberals and watch ’em squirm.” As opposed to having sensible, civil discussions, eh? It’s all about baiting the opponent in this Obama-hating world we’re in. It’s easy to end a discussion by dismissing liberals for not liking the TWO choices handed over by the Tea Party. I don’t expect liberals, nor conservatives, nor independents, to check their reasoning at the door just because some women candidates for POTUS get floated our way. You want to discount the opinion of hundreds and thousands of women who wouldn’t vote for Palin or Bachmann — go ahead. We’ll keep our standards high and wait for better prospects.

    • Bodrie

      I started off trying to have a sensible discourse with this person but she immediately took it to the gutter and went postal to the point I kinda just goaded her and sat back and watched, realizing that sometimes it’s impossible to reason with a liberal. They just don’t get. And now, you’ve jumped into the fray.

      Oh, and wait for “better prospects”? What, like Hillary? Give me a break and gag me with a spoon.


  • dcmartin

    Don’t think that your inability to counter my points with anything other than personal jabs and name-calling for two days has gone unnoticed. You call it squirming, I call it refuting your nonsense. But thanks for outing yourself……..a troll by any other name is still Bodrie, so wear it proudly. I salute your honesty.
    Shorter Bodrie:
    “If I can’t win an argument on the points, I’ll resort to hyperbole, misdirection, and general asshattery”.
    Perhaps you should change that tagline to ” A Trolling Enthusiast Trolls” 🙂

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