Herman Cain Does Not Heart Islam

Cain Says Tenn. Mosque Would Spread Extremism

Here we go again with the Muslim thing. It’s looking like being anti-Islam is defining his campaign. I know that some will argue that the media is highlighting that. I don’t think so. Where did he choose to hold his campaign rally? Murfreesboro, Tennessee. This is the city where people are protesting the building of a mosque. There is an on-going legal battle over one of the basic First Amendment rights: Freedom of Religion.

Of course, Cain weighed in, opposing the building of the mosque.

“It is an infringement and an abuse of our freedom of religion. And I don’t agree with what’s happening, because this isn’t an innocent mosque”

So he believes that this mosque isn’t the good kind of Islam. And from the New Hampshire debate, he would not be comfortable with bad kind of Muslims in his administration.

I don’t think being wary of a segment of the American population should be what you’re known for. You don’t want people to think, “Oh yeah, Herman Cain the pizza guy. The one with the thing against Muslims.”

Bright side? Cain has the Creeping Sharia and Jihad Watch votes on lock.

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