South California?

51st State? Small Step Forward for Long-shot ‘South California’ Plan

I love California. The San Francisco Bay Area will always be home. I went to school in San Diego and had a 6-month dysfunctional relationship with barrio Hollywood. When I read this article, I laughed out loud. Jeff Stone, a Riverside County Supervisor, wants his and 12 other counties to secede and become “South California.”

But South California doesn’t include Los Angeles? How the hell is that going to work? If I’m driving down I5, I’d be leaving California and would enter South California in the Central Valley – like Kern County (Hi Dusty!). When I reach Los Angeles County, am I back in California? Then, once I hit Orange County, I’m in South California again? In this bizarre scenario, to get to San Diego, I’ll be crossing state lines 3 times.

I get why this GOP supervisor wants to do it. California is huge and diverse. There are red areas and blue areas, sparsely populated and densely populated areas. It makes it difficult to manage from a central location. Looking at the disaster that is our budget, it’s obvious it isn’t working.

Secession isn’t necessary to solve the problem, though. If you shift more power, responsibility, and authority to the local level, public services can be managed much more easily. Counties know the needs of their population and can allocate money accordingly. Easier said than done, but it’s a hell of a lot easier than getting the CA legislature to approve secession.

Message to the 13 Counties: You don’t have to break up with us. We can make it work. I know you guys like our Silicon Valley and Hollywood revenue. And we like your fruits and veggies. One California Forever!

14 responses to “South California?

  • lobotero

    I am an old fart….and when I was in Calif….back in the dark ages of the 70’s….this talk was happening then too…..let them go….they will be back as soon as they learn what a mistake they had made….

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    I heard about this today too. Didn’t really pay attention as it’s not the first time I have heard it over the decades as lobotero notes as well.

    It’s cute and catchy but it won’t happen. Nope, its just not gonna happen.BECAUSE IT’S STUPID TALK, coming from some dipshit in Riverside? Please…

    My dream scenario: I would like for them to take the San Joaquin valley and put razer wire all the way around it so that the next time Kevin McCarthy’s fuckwitted ass comes home from DC, he can’t get out of the county and will be stuck in this shithole in perpetuity. 😉

    I was born in San Diego and have lived from San Fran to the southern-most border. The red gop-controlled parts are inland and Riverside qualifies as that, as does Kern county. I miss living in a blue area, sadly San Diego has become a purple area and the Board of Supervisors are pretty red for that county as well. So when Brown said he was going to shift more power to the local level..its not always a good thing, specially for those folks who are controlled by the GOP freaks of nature.

    Hugs sista-woman! We will see this state come back..we have to believe it will. Lets hope Gov Moonbeam can make it happen.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Nope, its just not gonna happen.BECAUSE IT’S STUPID TALK, coming from some dipshit in Riverside? Please…
      Hahaha! Yeah they said it was a long shot. I haven’t heard about secession, but I was a youngin’ in the 70s. \

      Yes – local government having more power where you are would suck more. However, I do think even the reddest leader knows their area more than some legislator hundreds of miles away in Sacto.

      I definitely believe it will come back. I think Moonbeam has the best shot at it. Unfortunately, he’s facing one of the nastiest, unrelenting groups of GOP senators in a long time. It’s never been this polarized. I still believe. Hugs back at ya. 😉

  • lbwoodgate

    People who really have no worth while political ideas usually espouse silly ideas like this.

  • Don in Mass

    There’s been talk about breaking up California since the day it was founded in Sonoma which was back in 1850.

  • Hansihansi

    I’m confused. I live in Ventura County; Southern California to my way of thinkin’. But under the new plan, would live in North California, as would LA where I was born. I always consider myself a southern California native, and can’t bring myself to thinkin’ I’m now from northern California. It won’t fly!

    • Spinny Liberal

      😯 Northern California is the bomb! Actually, being in Ventura County (nice), you would be just California. The 13 counties will form a state called South California. Kinda like West Virginia/Virginia.

  • Bodrie

    I’m not sure what to think of possible secession from the North because the North has all our water. But on the other hand, we would separate ourselves from all of the liberals and I think that’s the whole idea. Then maybe we would get some realistic gun laws around here. You guys could go on being victims as crime continues to rise because no body would have a weapon except the criminals, and we would take care of our problems as the arise, on our own and have the lowest crime rate in the country. We’d still have to put up with your boy Obama until we can vote him out though. 😉

    A Gun Enthusiast Speaks

  • Neil Aquino

    This idea has been around for years in various forms. Nothing new under the sun–Even in sunny California.

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