Rachel Maddow’s Lean Forward Ad

4-day weekends are heaven sent. On this lazy, hot summer day, I’ve been perusing the net and found this gem. I am in love with this ad. Beautifully written. And yet another reason why Rachel is on my Laminated List. 😀

via me2too

19 responses to “Rachel Maddow’s Lean Forward Ad

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    I would love to have a close friend like her! She’s an inspiration and a classy lady.

  • Kini

    Alas, Wesley Crusher could not be more wrong. Sorry, but profit, as well as vision, is how we were able to send men to the moon and return them back safely. It was vision, that turned a profit.

    From the enormous mathematical calculations that were needed to build the space industry, gave rise to the Texas Instruments calculator. Other industries from textile, plastics, and electronics spun off commercial industries that improved the standard of living for all Americans. This can be directly attributed to the vision, and to the profits that kept the vision alive.

    American Exceptionalism was the vision, and Corporate Profits helped pay for the expense of sending men to the moon and back. Again and again, the technology used in the creation of Aerospace industry translated directly to commercial uses. Solar panels for generating electricity are just one of the marvels that came from the profits of American Exceptional Corporations.

    Jobs, and whole industries, were created by profits from a single vision.

    There are visions that create a climate towards exceptional greatness, and then there are visions which spiral downwards like an Architect deconstructing a building. Limited vision, limited imagination, limited future.

    Maddow’s idea of vision, is as smudged, as the glasses on her face. She cannot see past the fact that vision needs nourishment so that it can grow. Profits allow a vision to grow into a reality. Without incentives, innovation cannot take place, without profits, a vision withers on the vine.

    Keep leaning forward Rachel, eventually you’ll fall over.

  • Don in Mass

    When John F. Kennedy took the oath of office on Jan. 20, 1961, one of the things I remember him saying, was one day to put a man on the moon. He never even brought up making a profit from it. Its sad they he never got to see it happen.

    • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

      It IS sad Don. As for profit..from someone that spent 15 years in the aerospace industry..I can tell you Big profit was only seen by the top echelon contractors. I worked for several sub-contractors and although we did make a profit..it was nothing huge as both companies ended up looking for investors to keep going. One was an R&D facility the other we did some fine work on the Hubble, GRO and other sat’s launched from the likes of Challenger and it’s brethren. Speaking of Challenger..I was going to mention that when I saw Kiini’s original comment..it caused massive layoffs within the industry as it shut down the whole space program for quite a long while..I was a victim of said shutdown and never went back into the field. I really loved working in it too. Best job I ever had and I felt like I really was making a contribution that mattered.

      • Kini

        Really!? So tell me Oh Enlightened ones, how’s Obama vision of that NASA Muslim outreach program working?

        Where do you suppose NASA get’s its funding from? The government? And where does the government get its funding from? The taxpayer. And where does the taxpayer get their funding from? The profits from the business that hired them.

        Get Econ 101 folks. You might just learn something. /doubt it seriously

    • Spinny Liberal

      I really wish he saw it too. He would have been amazed at the stuff that was accomplished (strangely, shortly after his death).

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    Oh and Tweety is a big fan of “American Exceptionalism’..and he’s a doofus that fawns over Republican candidates many a time.

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    Kini..you do have any idea how much of the federal budget goes to NASA?

    And do not condescend to me. “Oh Enlightened Ones” is a condescending phrase that no one on this blog deserves. You had a pompous attitude right out of the gate, but I ignored it..until now.

    The fact that you even use the completely ignorant phrase: Obama vision of that NASA Muslim outreach program working? shows where you are coming from and it’s not a normal place. To put it bluntly you are really pathetic and so full of shit I bet your eyes are brown.

    The NASA budget comes out of not a particular segment of the population you fucking moron..it comes from everyone that pays their taxes.

    By everyone, I mean individuals and small businesses. Corporations do not, as a whole, pay taxes pal..what rock have you been under for the last decade?

    And where does the taxpayer get their funding from? The profits from the business that hired them. Now I know your lack of knowlege is glaringly obvious, as that statement has no basis in fact..its ridiculous on it’s face. Individuals that work for a company, be it huge or small are paid whether the company makes a profit or not. Profits, if any, are calculated AFTER all expenses are paid and employee earnings are an expense bright boy.

    LMFAO..and you tell us to take an Econ class? Hilarious.

    • Kini

      🙄 Dear Dusty, hells most vocal bitch,

      I respect your vitriol, it’s all you have left in your small life of vulgarity and contempt for anyone not like you. You must burst a blood vessel every time your anger explodes. Might I suggest an anger management program to help you with that. You need help!

      As my comment wasn’t originally directed at you, you can rest assured that this rebuttal is yours to savor and wallow in.

      Obama’s NASA vision is so parochial academia, that it lives in a vault of Walt Disney World Fantasy land. There is neither a real life vision, nor is there any real world experience to formulate a coherent direction towards the future. I would ask you to wet your finger and see where the winds blow, but you probably have your finger some place where the sun doesn’t shine. Go figure. 👿

      Since you could neither provide either a single point of logical, rational, data, nor a civil discourse discussion to my post to Spinny, other than crude insults, and I thank you for allowing me play .

      Comprehension comes from reading a post before you comment on it, but that would be condescending to you. So I don’t see the reason to ever have a discussion with you beyond this posting.

      As ignorance is bliss! And my eyes,… are blue. :mrgreen:

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    Kini,I asked you a simple question and you couldn’t answer it. And you want to take me to task for not being logical or offering any data? Oh that is rich indeed coming from you.

    It doesn’t matter who you addressed it to as your cavalier and holier-than-thou attitude was detected by everyone on the thread.

    Your muslim crack lets us all know who and what you are. So you have no firm ground to stand on and throw rocks in my direction about civil discourse. Vulgarity and incivility is yours pal, as muslim has nothing to do with the discussion or Obama. It only showcases your ignorance.

    • dcmartin

      When in doubt, deflect, attempt to impress with flowery language, toss in a pop culture reference,and when all else fails, throw out the Secret Muslim card. That’s so much easier than actually answering a question.
      Haven’t you studied the playbook???????

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