Happy 4th of July!!

I’ve always loved fireworks. Sparklers are still my favorite even though I burned my finger when I was little. 😆 Sadly, in the city where I grew up (next to the one I live in now), there is zero tolerance for fireworks of any kind. Fire danger. I heard that this year fireworks are banned in a lot of places, too. How about where you are? Are fireworks allowed today?

Anyway, here is a fireworks show from 2008 in New York. At the time, it used the largest number of explosives than any display in the United States. Very impressive. Enjoy, and Happy 4th everyone!

10 responses to “Happy 4th of July!!

  • Kini

    Happy Independence Day to you Spinny. We’re having a BBQ.

  • beaglezmom

    I live way out in the country in central Virginia. Out here in the woods it doesn’t matter if they are legal or not — there will be food, music, fireworks, and beer, lots of beer, not necessarily in that order!

    As a kid I loved bottle rockets the best and managed not to put anyone’s eye out – including my own.

  • lbwoodgate

    Happy 4th Spinny. Fireworks are going off now at U of North Texas, as they do every year. But in most of the state, due to the severe drought here, fireworks are banned pretty much.

  • Terrance H.

    I live near an area that is pretty much known for its fireworks: Bay City, Michigan, purported to be the best show in the entire state, rivaling bigger cities like Boston, Chicago, and New York.

    All summer long you’ll hear people shooting off fireworks, some of which are the illegal kind that can be bought on Indian reservations only, and Michigan certainly has many of those.The police and fire department are pretty much powerless to stop it, because the people simply hide the stuff until the cops leave.

    You live in an area that is perhaps infamous for wildfires, so its understandable that municipalities would be nervous about allowing people – who are inherently stupid I’ve found – to blow shit up, even on a small scale. 🙂

    • Spinny Liberal

      Sounds like they put on a great show! Haha, I know. It’s sad, though, because they used to have a display at the man-made lake every year when I was little. Things are drier now I guess. 🙂

  • nonnie9999

    happy 4th, spinny! 😀

    in floriduhhh, fireworks that explode or fly are illegal. the only things that are legal are sparklers and ones that emit colored smoke. however, if you buy the stuff that flies or explodes, all you have to do is say that you’re using them to scare birds away from crops or fisheries. so you see, the laws in floriduhhh are just as dumb as the politicians.

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