Five Myths about the American Flag

Five Myths about the Anmerican Flag

On the eve of our country’s birthday, I found this article. Common knowledge is sometimes wrong. I thought that Betsy Ross made the first American flag. Nope. She sewed flags, but there’s no evidence that she designed or created the first one. Bummer. Makes for a good stoy though.

13 responses to “Five Myths about the American Flag

  • Auto 5

    Good info. First time I’ve seen your blog. It’s great and I agree with you politically. 🙂

  • nonnie9999

    maybe paul revere made the first flag when he wasn’t ringin’ those bells and warnin’ the british that we were gonna kick their asses.

  • dcmartin

    Pretty much everyone thinks that because that is what is usually taught in elementary level history, and it never gets corrected at the middle and high school levels, much like the misconception that Lincoln “freed the slaves” when what he did was merely a symbolic gesture….the Emancipation Proclamation “freed” the slaves in the Confederacy, which had already seceeded and did not recognize Lincoln’s authority, and also had no effect on the slaves held in states that stayed in the Union. Lincoln himself did not care for blacks and would have prefered to put them on a boat back to Africa and be done with it. And yet school kids grow up with the mistaken idea that Lincoln was a great abolitionist and lover of black people.
    But yeah, ring those bells and fire those shots, let’s do American History the Palin/Bachmann/Texas State Board of Education way and totally re-write that stuff. We’ll even throw in Tween Jesus and his pet velociraptor, and Noah herding a brontosaurus onto the Ark, too.
    Hooray, homeschooling!
    Happy Independerp Day!

  • Kini

    Maybe, like Joe Biden said, George Washington turned on the Television and saw the News Reports of the British Invading.

  • lobotero

    Along the flag line…..does anyone in the Tea Party that the pledge of alligiance was written by a socialist? That is right! Those darn pesky socialist gave them one of their most cherished traditions….dumbasses!

  • Hansi

    I think nonnie9999 has the right idea. Betsy Ross was riding on the back of Paul Reveres horse, and She was the one actually warning the British that shit was about to happen

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