DSK and the “Credibility” of Accusers

More Questions Raised about Strauss-Kahn Accuser

I heard about the credibility questions that led to DSK’s release on bail. She lied on her application for asylum, cheated on her taxes, and misrepresented her income to keep her subsidized housing. I thought, “So? She still could have been raped.” A crack addicted hooker can be raped. No means no. It’s crap like this that keeps women from reporting rapes. Will they believe you?

Reading this article that had new information pissed me off. They have her on tape talking to her boyfriend who is in jail in AZ about how she can get money out of this. Was this whole thing a shake down?

If it turns out that this was a scheme, the woman not only falsely accused DSK. She slapped the faces of real rape victims. Those whose attackers are wealthy may think twice about reporting. Do you have to prove that you weren’t doing this to blackmail him? In addition to making people believe it happened at all?

Sexual assault is one the most under reported crimes. Women like DSK’s accuser don’t help.

9 responses to “DSK and the “Credibility” of Accusers

  • lobotero

    Is this a oops moment? After all the condemnation he suffered at the hands of the media…..will anyone say…”our bad”?

  • TrDem

    Spiney, my wife has her own Immigration law firm, she served the lowest economic strata of clientelle, you would be astounded how many folk lie to her, it’s not just that they lie, it’s that they lie so they don’t have to go back to crappy economic and corrupt systems in their home country, having said that, the first thing she tells her clients is don’t lie to me,
    just don’t either I will find out or the feds will find out, invariably they lie. It’s very disheartening for her to have so many folk lie to her face.
    Usually thy lie about
    1) criminal past
    2) previous illegal entry into the US
    3) fake marriages
    But she still tries to help them
    Sounds like the DSK accuser is a real piece of work

    • Spinny Liberal

      Absolutely – lawyers say that! Don’t lie. You have to lay it all out on the table so the lawyer won’t have any surprises. That’s really sad that your wife has to go through that, but she must be kind hearted to help them. Thank you for reading and commenting. 🙂

  • Hansi

    What happened? DSK’s victim was initially reported as being very credible, but is now just a schemer. It’s either bad police work, or really good lawyers. Everybody looses on this one.

  • beaglezmom

    To me, the two things are possibly unrelated. She’s a woman still in the bottom rung of Maslow’s triangle — doing what she does to ensure food, shelter, safety, etc. Look at her lies — she lied to get into this country, she lied to keep subsidized housing, she thinks she can get money from the situation? Of course she does. Anyone who has ever had to look in a trash can and think “Is there anything here to eat?” looks at every situation as a potential source of need fulfillment.

    None of that means she wasn’t raped or caught up in a power position where a wealthy man used her sexually without her consent or began a sexual act that went beyond her consent. Chaotic people are often chosen as victims because of their very situation. I am hopeful there was some other evidence besides her verbal testimony that led police to drag him off a plane in handcuffs.

    My trust of media and “high powered legal counsel” is such that I think we may never really know if she was the victim of rape – or he the victim of bad judgment. (a presidential candidate should probably not have rough sex with a maid he doesn’t know right before heading to the airport).

    • Spinny Liberal

      She’s definitely sounds like a desperate woman. If this was a scam, though, her socioeconomic status may explain her behavior, but it doesn’t excuse it. There are plenty of impoverished immigrants who don’t scheme to get money.
      You’re right – we really don’t know and maybe we’ll never find out what happened in that suite.

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