Can You Unite if You’re So Far Right?

Bachmann Says She can be “Unifying” U.S. Candidate

No, that wasn’t a typo. This really made me do a double take. Her reasoning? She used to be a Democrat. She believes this is what makes her understand Independents.

She went from being a Democrat to someone who is far right compared to other members of the GOP. Honestly, how would you understand an Independent when you skated right past them to almost the end of the opposite spectrum? You didn’t even stay and chat for a while.

Let’s take an example of an Independent voter – the Fiscally Conservative, Socially Liberal. Being in CA, I’ve run into a lot of these kind of Independents. Someone like this would find her voting record with taxes and spending attractive. No on TARP, No on Stimulus, No on Tax Hikes for Capital Gains, No VAT. On issues like abortion and gay rights, this is where she might turn the Independent voter off. She is not just anti abortion, she doesn’t make the exception for rape, incest, or the life of the mother. She voted no on prohibiting discrimination against sexual orientation and supports the Defense of Marriage Act.

That type of voter would love lower taxes on the gains from their investments. Would they be willing to vote for the candidate that agrees but wants to see abortion illegal even if the mother was dying? I don’t think so.

If you want to lasso in Independents, it would be a lot easier to do when you’re closer to the herd than at the opposite end of the ranch.

14 responses to “Can You Unite if You’re So Far Right?

  • lobotero

    She will play well in the primaries…..but in the end she will not be the nominee……of course that is assuming sane people will go to the polls….

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    She’s going to crash and burn. I hope it’s not just massive wishful thinking, but I can’t believe this country is crazy enough to seriously consider her for POTUS. I know – stranger, more awful things have happened, but given the lunacy and extremism that uncovered itself after the midterm elections, maybe, JUST MAYBE, voters will be a bit more careful about their selections.

    • dcmartin

      Just this morning on the Book of Faces I saw someone ( keep in mind, this person is a conservative Floridian who is in the midst of buyers remorse over Governor Rick Scott ) say, in a thread that questioned the electability of Bachmann, “Of course she is electable….she’s experienced and has great presence and ideas! Get used to the idea of President Bachmann……it’s gonna happen!”.
      There’s plenty more crazy where that came from, ALL OVER THE COUNTRY. The Obama derangement is so severe that to unseat him, a lot of consevatives would vote for Charles Manson if he blew the right dog whistles.

      • Spinny Liberal

        That’s what I’m afraid of DC. I’ve heard over and over that anyone else would do a better job, so they don’t really care who is the nominee. They’ll vote for them. We’ll see.

    • Spinny Liberal

      I hope so. She’s doing really well in the polls, though. It’s early, but hmmm. I don’t know.

  • Hansi

    Michele-baby is going through her “please take me serious phase”. Won’t last too long before she implodes….I hope.

  • beaglezmom

    Her saying she “used to be a democrat” is like saying a cancer cell used to be a healthy cell. So what? It’s a killer now.

    I thought this phrase was brilliant: “Honestly, how would you understand an Independent when you skated right past them to almost the end of the opposite spectrum? You didn’t even stay and chat for a while.”

    She doesn’t understand anything because she seems to have skated past most of the important things – history class, common sense, compassion, human feeling…

    In the last election I saw massively intelligent women I knew line up behind Sarah Palin, and i was stunned when they start spouting how “fresh, new, and exciting she was” and how they would vote for her. Then – Palin started talking. And didn’t stop. And now those women have all started looking somewhere – anywhere – else. I think that will happen to Bachmann too.

    • Spinny Liberal

      😆 The cancer analogy just cracked me up.
      I wonder if that will happen to her. Both are extreme, but I think Bachmann is the smarter of the two. She might have that following from die-hard Conservative women. Those who are Moderate, almost centrist will probably be turned off by her. Huntsman or Romney would fit their bill.

  • Dusty, hells most vocal bitch

    I think Batshit Bachmann has taken Obama’s 08 campaign playbook and adapted it to her needs.

    Which makes her very smart..or at least those running her campaign very smart.

    She raised a mind-boggling $13 MILLION bucks in this quarter alone..99% of which is in small, individual donations..just like Obama did in 08.

  • afrankangle

    I’m one of those socially liberal, fiscally conservative independents … plus I have my independent streak …. and I don’t find much common ground with Michelle Bachmann. Nada, none, zilch, zero … thus she has no hope of getting my vote.

    On the other hand, winning a general national election is a different challenge than winning a series of Republican primaries. Heck, she could win their nomination but that doesn’t translate well into a national election.

    Have a safe holiday weekend!

    • Spinny Liberal

      Good to know she doesn’t get your vote. 🙂
      That’s true – a national election is a different story. I worry though because of the feeling out there – “anyone but Obama.” That anyone could be Bachmann.

      You too! Happy 4th!!

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