Coulrophobia and the GOP

Bachmann on John Wayne Gacy Gaffe: I’m Not Perfect

“People can make mistakes and I wish I could be perfect every time I say something, but I can’t.”

Yes! That is how you own it. Touchdown, right?

The parents of John Wayne the actor lived in Waterloo for a time, she pointed out. But the technicalities were beside the point, she added. “Of course, the main point I was making are the sensibilities of John Wayne, which is patriotism, love of country, standing up for our nation, that positive enthusiasm is what America’s all about,” Bachmann said.

Damn. She fumbled at the 5 yard line. She should have just stopped at admitting her mistake. She ruins it by saying essentially, “He wasn’t from here, but you know his parents lived here.” Um, OK. Then she says she really meant the other John Wayne. Well, we knew that.

All politicians screw up. There aren’t 57 states, and FDR wasn’t president when the stock market crashed. If you’re going to own it, own it. Don’t add the explanation, excuses, etc.

Anyway, it was the subject of the gaffe that made me do a double take. John Wayne Gacy. The serial killer. He was one sick son of a bitch. He killed 33 teenage boys in a span of 6 years. Yeah? And? I know serial killers abound in the news and movies, but Gacy was extra special. He had an alter ego. “Pogo the Clown.” He’d dress up as Pogo for community fundraisers and kids’ parties. Wonderful.

I never had a problem with clowns when I was little. They were silly and colorful. Then, I learned about John Wayne Gacy and saw that picture. He totally ruined clowns for me. They creep me out now. This is how my twisted mind works: Clowns –> John Wayne Gacy –> serial killer –> clowns stabbing me.

Message to Michele: Like you said, we make mistakes. But clowns and serial killers? The lyrics to Insane Clown Posse’s song Fearless comes to mind: “What’s the matter? What’s the matter? Are you scared?” Hell yeah I am! I know you can’t choose your gaffes. Next time, though, I hope it has something to do with puppies and flowers. Now, if you’ll excuse me. I have to go check the closet and under the bed. Again.

16 responses to “Coulrophobia and the GOP

  • lobotero

    She will not say, “My Bad” and move on… most GOP candidates they just avoid the questioning and insert some lame vague talking point….

  • nonnie9999

    she would have done herself a favor if she had treated her gaffe with humor. she could have good-naturedly poked fun at herself for mixing up john wayne and gacy, but i guess she is incapable of saying that she screwed up.

  • Kini

    I suppose 57 states and Corpseman mean something also.

  • Kini

    I’m not joking! He’s only one finger away from the button. Oh wait….

  • Hansi

    You’re being much much too hard on Michelle Baby. It’s not accuracy, let alone facts that count. It’s the message. And the message is: “I’m a psycho-bitch wacko who wants America to be for Americans like myself; rich, white and as far to the right as possible”.

  • Don in Mass

    Politicians will say anything off the wall, just to get the attention. But they should own up to their gaffes, and get on with it.

  • beaglezmom

    Her constant mistakes don’t bother me as much as her pathological lying and refusal to admit it. Bob Schieffer called her on the fact Politfact reviewed 23 of her statements and only 1 turned out to be completely true and she just blew past the question and kept trying to justify herself by bashing Obama. Somehow “Obama doesn’t release enough oil” doesn’t seem like the answer to the question, “Why did you lie about how many offshore permits Obama has given?”

    Clowns are definitely on my creepy list – I think its a natural distrust of people who are going to far to hide their true face and identity. The more make-up – they more false, and frightening they appear. Children don’t think about the world of hidden motives – but as we grow up – we learn that when you’re going so far out of your way to hide your appearance, you’re up to something underneath. Maybe that’s why Bachmann lies so much.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Yup it’s the refusal. I just don’t get it. Own it and move on.

      Wow. That explanation of why clowns are creepy was spot on. I’ve never looked at it that way. Hiding their true identity. That was deep, sister!

  • Ric

    Let’s see… Jimmy Stewart quit acting and joined the Air Force to fight in WWII. Marion Wayne stayed home and played the big hero who won WWII all by himself by beating the Japs and the Germans with pompous and pretentious acting. I’ll take one Jimmy Stewart over all the John Waynes and Michele Bachmanns playing pretend patriot, thank you.

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