“Closing Time” in Afghanistan

Obama’s Afghanistan Plan Criticized by Dems, GOP

Nobody’s happy with his plan. Does that surprise me? No. The GOP thinks he’s drawing down too fast. The Democrats think it’s too slow. Of course, I’m with the “too slow” crowd. By next summer, the number of troops returning will be about the same number as the surge. So we’ll be going back to roughly the numbers we had before Obama took office? I don’t see that as a real withdrawal. 60K by next summer would have been perfect because it would include the troops added plus the ones that were already there.

Republicans think we risk losing whatever gains we made because we’re withdrawing too fast. Questions. How long are we going to hold their hand? Why are we training them? So we can get them to protect themselves, right? At some point, we’re going to have to let go. And it’s not like every soldier is coming home tomorrow (my dream). They’re leaving in stages.

Since it’s been almost 10 years, it’s really time to move on. Hell, even al-Qaeda moved on…to Yemen. Osama bin Laden moved on to the 7th level of Hades thanks to some Navy Seals. We can get out of the business of rebuilding other countries and start rebuilding ours.

While I’m not too happy with how long this process will take, at least we’re starting it.

The last line in Semisonic’s song Closing Time is…

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

16 responses to ““Closing Time” in Afghanistan

  • Dusty

    It’s not really a withdrawal, as it’s gonna take over a year just to bring home the 30,000 soldiers he sent over there in his very own ‘surge’.

    The money, the lives, the repeated tours by our soldiers..its all such bullshit. Guys are on their 5th and 6th tours now. Suicide’s are on the rise..what is good to say about this stupid announcement? 10,000 by years end..whoopee..break out the champagne…NOT!

  • lobotero

    This was a political game…..trying to keep both sides smiling….after all there is an election and he wants support……here is another thought….if we leave Iraq and Afghanistan today….the unemployment will shoot up and give the GOP lots of ammo for their attack ads…after a bunch of the troops are reservists and they would go back into the job market….

    • Spinny Liberal

      Ugh. Proving once again that in an effort to please everyone, he pleased no one.

      Can’t they have them do something else? Like patrol the border?

    • Dusty

      Yes, that is a great assessment of why The Big O did what he did..but that said..over 50% of Americans still want our soldiers out of that shithole.

      But..I also know a few reservists and they would love to be able to earn a decent living at the job’s they had prior to being called up. Some of them are losing their homes because they aren’t paid at the same rate as enlisted soldiers.

  • Hansi

    I’m a bit frustrated. The Soviets got the hell out of there pronto when their empire was about to collapse. Why aren’t we?

  • Don in Mass

    Like I said before, we’re WAU: Wars Are US, not the USA. Its a thriving business for all the defense industries.

  • beaglezmom

    I absolutely like the Closing Time line as a definitive statement about what needs to happen. This needs to end. It’s bad enough we’ve watched other nations wander into the quicksand of Afghanistan and be unable to extricate themselves without nearly collapsing their economy and then we just wandered right out there into it ourselves.

  • afrankangle

    As it was said in the old Westerns – Get the hell out of Dodge!

  • dcmartin

    My 25th high school reunion was last weekend, and while I missed it for personal reasons, a former classmate and neighbor of mine missed it because she just shipped out for a tour of duty in……Afghanistan.
    Here’s hoping she and all the others return home soon and safely.

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