No Budget, No Pay

Controller Halts Pay for California Lawmakers

This is why I voted for Proposition 25. No budget, no pay. For every day there is no budget, they don’t get paid. There is no retroactive pay. If they lose it, wave bye bye. It’s gone. So lawmakers threw together “something” to meet the deadline. Problems. Governor Brown vetoed it. Thank you, Jerry. Now, because it wasn’t a balanced budget, Controller Chiang says no go. Thank you, John.

And Thank You, God. Maybe this will finally light a fire under their asses to produced a real, balanced budget. Governor Brown’s budget fell 4 GOP votes short of approval. Because Republican lawmakers’ pay is going to be on hold too, maybe this is the key to getting Brown’s approved.

I’m hoping this is the case. Or something similar to Brown’s plan. Maybe now, there will be some real compromise so we can get a budget that will dig us out of the frickin’ hole. Brown’s plan did it with big cuts, but it involved extending taxes. Maybe the 4 GOP holdouts now have an incentive to agree.

I’m sure we’ll see a real, balanced budget soon. After all, no one wants to lose pay. Tick tock, guys.

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