The Ex-Boyfriend from Hell

Jilted Ex-boyfriend Puts up Abortion Billboard

Wow. This guy is a total jackass. Even if her name or picture isn’t on the billboard, Alamogordo NM isn’t that big of a city. ~35K. It wouldn’t be too hard to figure out who she is. They already identified her as Nani Lawrence, but I’m pretty sure a lot of people knew before the papers reported it.

She and her friends say that she had a miscarriage. The kicker is that he doesn’t know if she had a miscarriage or an abortion. What the hell?? He doesn’t know, yet the billboard basically accuses her of killing their child? New Mexico Right to Life has withdrawn their endorsement and asked that their name be taken off the board. Good call.

She sued him for harassment and invasion of privacy, successfully. The billboard is coming down. Of course, the ex from hell is appealing it.

This whole case leaves me confused. Is it libelous because she had a miscarriage and not an abortion? Can it even be libel if her name isn’t on the billboard?

All I know is that if this ends up in the Supreme Court, and the sign is allowed up because of Freedom of Speech, I hope she gets even. She should get a billboard, and put it up right next to his if possible. It should say, “This is why he is my EX-boyfriend” with an arrow pointing at his billboard.

The lesson here is to be careful to avoid pregnancy. Birth control. And if you decide to ignore that sage advice, then choose who you sleep with wisely. You do not want a guy like this to be the father of your kids.

12 responses to “The Ex-Boyfriend from Hell

  • Dusty

    THis guy is 35 and a college student? He didn’t even know if she had an abortion..what friggin college does thisjackhole attend, not to mention wtf is he majoring in if his dumb ass isn’t even sure how the pregnancy ended.

    Anti-choice people just can not get over that fact that its a WOMANS RIGHT TO CHOOSE. Its also a friggin legal medical procedure. Her lawyer says it best in the writeup:

    “I think Fultz’s right to free speech ends where Nani Lawrence’s right to privacy begins. … Freedom of speech is not absolute,” But sadly, that is the same line of thinking the parents who brought the civil suit against the Westboro nutters used and it didn’t work for them either. SCOTUS seems to think the right to free speech trumps all other rights..which is bullshit in cases like this and the nutters from Westboro.

  • afrankangle

    Another reason to ask this question: Does reality TV mimic society or does society mimic reality TV?

  • lbwoodgate

    She should get a billboard, and put it up right next to his if possible. It should say, “This is why he is my EX-boyfriend” with an arrow pointing at his billboard.

    Or how about “Would you want to spend the rest of your life with someone who has an ego this big?”

  • dcmartin

    “I thought this would make a pretty good billboard. It’s a powerful statement and, you know, says a lot,” said Fultz, a 35-year-old college student….Fultz admits he does not know whether his ex-girlfriend had a miscarriage or an abortion…… If it was abortion, then my purpose is to try to prevent this from happening to someone else.”
    What a putz. He’s 35, and he’s not smart enough to a) make sure he is utilizing birth control so he doesn’t knock his girlfriend up, and b) get his facts straight BEFORE he spends money on a billboard that may open himself and others up to a big fat lawsuit………..any sympathy he might have garnered just flew right out the window.

  • The Hook

    What a mess! People are capable of anything, right?

  • beaglezmom

    I think the difference between this and Westboro is the personal libel. Westboro stands outside military funerals and says “god hates fags”. They don’t have signs that say “Major Smith is a fag”. THAT would be libel. He opens up personal libel because in a small town (I’ve been through alamogordo a lot on my way to cloudcroft and ruidoso — its 1 long street with about 4 off-shoots) showing his picture and referring to the mother of his potential baby — he is identifying her.

    I think he is free to express a personal opinion. If he wants to put up a sign that says “don’t kill your baby” – that’s his right. But he can’t put up a sign claiming another person killed their baby.

    As I recall — Billboards are expensive. So I’m thinking the condomless 35 year old college student probably got this paid for by some right-to-life group who used his ignorant self to promote their message.

    • Spinny Liberal

      I’ve always wanted to check out that area because of the gypsum sand dunes. They say it’s trippy to see that “sea of white” in the middle of the desert.

      OK do you think the next court will rule libela nd privacy issues because it’s a small town? Her name isn’t on it.

      I wondered about that. That would be so messed up. And he’s dumb enough not to know that he’d be the fall guy.

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