Totally Twisted Quote Tuesday 5/31/11

35 responses to “Totally Twisted Quote Tuesday 5/31/11

  • lobotero

    And if most likely believes that to be true…lol

  • John Barron

    I would have voted for Cheney if he ran. I liked him even more than Bush, and I’m totally in the tank for W.

  • afrankangle

    OMG … that’s a classic. All that is needed is a RIM SHOT at the end. Thanks for the chuckle early in my day.

  • lbwoodgate

    If I remember correctly, Cheney chose himself as Bush’s VP. He was recommended to the younger Bush by his father to aide him in selecting a VP. In the end though Cheney rejected all the prospects and suggested himself. He was then able to convince the more naive George W. that he was best suited for the job than all others.

  • nonnie9999

    deadeye dick shouldn’t do humor. he’s not funny.

  • Dusty

    Now..I will have nightmares..thank you m’dear..I really needed to see that fuckwit prior to hitting the sack. ;p

    Oh, and yes I do live in Cali as well. The reddest part..inland. Where Ahnolds maid/lover lives.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Sorry to revive the war mongerer.
      Bakersfield?? Hahaha. That was a pretty good place to hide his baby mama. It is pretty red down in the Central Valley.

      • Dusty

        We like to refer to it as Bako. Which is what we do in the fucking summer here. Hot? AZ has nothing on us and the humidity is off the charts..except for this hasn’t even hit 100 yet..which is scary weird. Climate change anyone?

      • Spinny Liberal

        I know!! Bakersfield is an OVEN in the summer. Definitely has to do with climate change. Anyone who says different isn’t paying attention to all the extreme weather changes around the world. It may or may not be caused by man, but it sure is happening!

  • The Hook

    Why can’t somebody just take Cheney out once and for all?

    • Spinny Liberal

      Oooh there are so many people who want to.

      • John Barron

        Amazing how calls for violence against republicans by democrats is not only condemned, it is applauded.

        I remember all the hemming and hawing when Giffords was shot and everyone tried to blame conservative speech with “violent overtones”.

        I imagine if this same comment, “why can’t sombody just take Obama out once and for all”, not only would there be outrage by liberals, they’d be decrying the statement as racist.

        What a surprising double standard.

      • Spinny Liberal

        I said there are so many that want to. It’s not the same as actually doing it. I’m sure there are a lot of people who want to take out Obama too. In fact, I’ve read that. A lot.

        Anyway, I can understand the desire considering thousands of our soldiers died so he can line his pockets.

  • Dusty

    John, the difference between the R’s and the D’s is that the D’s are for gun control whilst the R’s are not. Add to that thought that many who say they would love to see The Big Dick Cheney taken out are speaking metaphorically, not literally..unlike the R’s who love their weapons so much they want to carry them everywhere at any time. Especially wherever Obama is speaking.

    So double standard? I don’t think so.

    • John Barron

      Yeah, I know. R’s are evil violent racists, and D’s are compassionate multiculturalists who want nothing more than to love everyone even more.

      Spare me the excuses.

      • Dusty

        It’s not an excuse but after checking out your blog I found plenty of excuses for your pov. No one said a fucking thing about R’s are all evil violent racists on this thread..thanks for the projecting.

  • john barron

    You should see my other blog, that should really set you off.

    I’m not surprised, I see the double standard in every liberal I have ever talked to.

    • Dusty

      I see the double standard in every liberal I have ever talked to. Then apparently you sir are the most narrow minded rightwinger I have had the displeasure of communicating with. I would never say that as a general remark about all people I know right of the center. In fact, during a back and forth on my blog..some of us actually find common ground..but in your case that isn’t going to happen as your narrow minded/teabagger-type pov gets in the way. Take care, cuz someone like you needs all the help they can get.

      • Don in Mass / Ind. Liberal

        Help…he’s beyond help. He’s one of those that has to get the final word in, even though he is wrong.

        Did you notice that he likes to twist things around like the assholes on Fox News.

      • John Barron

        Me describing that I see a double standard in liberals is not close minded. Perhaps you could look up the term so you could use it properly. Close minded refers to the way someone holds a view, it says nothing about the person themself. If you refuse to consider ideas other than your own when forming opinions, that is close minded. I examine multiple views when determining the truth of a matter. So by definition, I am not close minded.

        Second, I see you are quite comfortable dishing out insults, how very tolerant of you.

  • Dusty

    John you said EVERY LIBERAL you talk to..that sir, is being closed minded as hell, regardless of your pov of any definition.

    Insults? Do you mean the horrible cuss words I use? I use them on everyone, even people I adore..of course, you aren’t one of those. So yes, I am tolerant…whether you believe me or not doesn’t matter.

    I am married to a Republican. I love that man w/every fiber of my being. I have changed his views on a lot of things because I show him stats, figures, reports, etc that proves the extreme right is so full of shit their eyes should all be brown. The extremists on the right use emotion as a tool..or a weapon actually. They love fearmongering. Yes, the Dem’s have that fault too, but not near as much as the assholes on the extreme right. I say extreme because quite a few registered R’s, who I would consider moderate and socially downright liberal, haven’t voted that way in years they tell me, the intelligent ones that think for themselves.

    If you just want to argue..I am done w/you..your a sad pathetic creature John and I just don’t have the patience to deal with someone of your..well, for lack of a better word..type.

    So take care and I hope you get to that heaven you are looking forward to because somehow I doubt it. You sir have no tolerance for people different than yourself..say..the gay’s and their qwest for equal rights and the ability to marry. Saw that one on your blog..and that’s when I knew what type of person you are. One of those Christians who really isn’t a Christian as Jesus told us to love and respect everyone. You don’t practice that do you? Don’t bother answering..after reading a bit of your blog, I know the answer to that too.

    And let it be known that I also take to task elected D’s that obfuscate and lie their asses off too. I am an equal opportunity bitcher. So I am no one’s water-carrier..I am registered as Decline to State and have been for decades.

  • Dusty

    TO Don: I realize what John is, in spite of how he tries to portray himself here. He ain’t fooling me, even though I have never communicated with him prior to this thread. He’s a bomb thrower, someone that likes to rile people up and then feel he’s better than they are. Telling me to look up a word and it’s meaning shows that. That is what I call a smug asshole. But I am not saying John is a smug asshole..not..really. 😉

    • Terrance H.


      You have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. John is a good guy and usually tries to calm situations, not inflame them. You guys suggested Dick Cheney be assassinated and he called you on it. Instead of admitting it was simply bad taste, you actually try and defend the indefensible.

      Your bias is drooling out in record levels, Dusty.

  • Terrance H.

    EVERY LIBERAL you talk to.

    Riddle me this: Doe statement mean “every liberal,” or “every liberal” that John talks to? Perhaps the liberals he talks to are hypocritical. I can point out three just on this page….

    • Dusty

      Terrence, how is your reading comprehension? I already quoted Dear John about his every liberal I speak to comment. This isn’t rocket science dude. He has already stated his mind isn’t open and he blames it on every liberal he has talked to.

      Yes, ALL liberals so being open minded does not seem to be a possibility to Dear John when he says something like that. Then to attempt to hijack the convo by tossing out the All Republicans are evil bullshit really was pathetic.

      He’s projecting…its a no brainer. All liberals have double standards at least ALL liberals Dear John has talked to..and you are jerking my chain on calling him out for that statement? Go on over to The Red State where those folks will agree with you wholeheartedly. Most of us here think you both wish to just toss a few bombs and start some shit. Give it a fucking rest. Yes a statement was made that a lot of people wouldn’t mind seeing The Big Dick Cheney laid out in a what? It’s metaphoric, whereas the extreme right isn’t saying it in that frame. We aren’t the ones bringing guns to an Obama event. We are the ones getting shouted down about more control on handguns and 30 round ammo clips. Where do you see the connection between wanting more gun control and killing the Big Dick Cheney? Is this a straight line or do you have to take a couple of wild turns to get there?

      Since most lefties are against torture and The BIg Dick Cheney isn’t…is that part of your equation that we all want to kill him and every liberal that Dear John has talked to has double standards? We want to kill him because he believes in torture?

      That kind of thinking belongs to the religious right and their fuckery about killing Doctors that perform legal medical procedures called abortions.

      You two crack me the hell up.

  • Dusty

    Oh and Terrance, this line from you is pure bullshit: You guys suggested Dick Cheney be assassinated and he called you on it. Again, its projection and its a fucking lie. Two people on this thread mentioned killing The Big Dick Cheney..not YOU GUYS…as in all of us. Besides..I ain’t a guy….but you might of meant it in a general term..frankly it doesnt matter..its bullshit.

    Now, you have a nice evening too.

  • Terrance H.

    First of, Dusty, your top blew when John responded to the following idiotic comment:

    Why can’t somebody just take Cheney out once and for all?

    Perhaps in your small-mind that isn’t at the very least a wish of death on a former Vice President of the United States. Unfortunately for you, not everyone here is small-minded.

    John merely brought up an interesting point, one teeming with liberal hypocrisy: When Congresswoman Giffords was shot, the Left went into orbit over the evil, hate-mongering Republicans. But it wasn’t a Republican who suggested Cheney be assassinated, now was it? You can moan “bullshit” all you want, but reality isn’t subject to your whims. It was a hateful, idiotic, hypocritical statement. Instead of admitting that, you people – you halfwits – attempt to defend it.

    I see the double standard in every liberal I have ever talked to.

    That statement set you off on a rant. Why? Some of the liberals on this very thread were moaning about the Right when Giffords was shot, yet they are the same people defending the Cheney remark, or else remaining silent over it. That’s hypocritical.

    Go on over to The Red State where those folks will agree with you wholeheartedly.

    Unlike you, when my side does or says something totally idiotic, I scrutinize them. I don’t trying defend them. Ask any open-minded liberal on this blog that knows me and they’ll tell you I’m fair. You’re not. You’re a partisan hack and nothing more.

    Besides..I ain’t a guy….

    Quit advertising yourself to me. I’m married.

    Now, why not a few more expletives out of Dusty The Clown?

    • Dusty

      Why Terrance you sweet thang, you have been over to my blog! The Clowns have R’s after their names over there.

      Now go play outside and get some fresh air kid, you have been indoors and on the computer far too long for me to waste anymore time on you as I said my piece to John, right before you popped in and popped off.

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