Miss Manners, Please Meet Rep. Patrick McHenry

I think there must have been a weird alignment of the planets lately that have been adversely affecting the GOP – more so than usual.

1. Rob Woodall pulled out the Tea Party playbook and lectured a constituent to stop relying on others to take care of her.

2. Eric Cantor wanted to use disaster relief money for Joplin’s devastation from a Cat 5 tornado as leverage to get more spending cuts.

I thought that would be the end of it. Hell, those were depressing enough. Maybe bad things really do come in threes.

3. Representative Patrick McHenry of North Carolina accuses Elizabeth Warren, Obama’s consumer protection advisor, of lying.

There was some kind of mix-up with the scheduled hearing. Warren said there was an agreement about the time being limited to an hour. McHenry says there was no agreement and told her, “You’re making this up.” Lovely. He took a scheduling conflict as an opportunity to attack Elizabeth Warren’s character.

Message to McHenry: It’s pretty sad when a member of your subcommittee has to call you out on your behavior. Not exactly becoming of a Congressman, let alone a Chairman. Are you related to Joe “You Lie!” Wilson?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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