A Weird and Wonderful Weekend

Even if your weekends are as boring as mine, this past weekend was a tad more interesting for all of us. After all, we did avert the apocalypse.

The rapture was supposed to happen at 6:00 PM on Saturday according to Harold Camping, a Christian radio host on Family Radio. I don’t know what time zone, so I figure people would be lifted up into heaven at 6:00 PM their time.

I cleaned the house and gave Diggy a bath, as I always do on Saturdays. I was really tired, so I napped. Since I had a late start on cleaning, I fell asleep around 5:30. I woke up around 7:30. I slept through the rapture. Around 8:30, I went downstairs and was about to head out the door for my Saturday night burger and fries. My partner told me there was a fight. Crap! I totally forgot, and I saw the interview the night before. Hopkins vs. Pascal. I’ve seen Bernard Hopkins fight live in Vegas. He’s definitely not one of my favorites, but I wanted to watch. If he won, he would be the oldest fighter (46) to win a title. 46. He would beat George Foreman’s record. He was 45 when he knocked out Moorer in 1994. Crazy.

I knew this was going to go the full 12. Hopkins usually doesn’t get warmed up until the later rounds. I settled in. I wanted my burger, but I wasn’t going to miss him breaking a record. What a great fight. B-Hop did it. 12 rounds, unanimous decision. He beat the younger, faster Jean Pascal. He’s not one of my favorites, but since 46 is ancient for a fighter, he definitely has my respect.

I made it out to In ‘n Out burger. There were a ton of people, even at almost 10:00 PM. Did they miss the rapture too? I brought the food home and devoured it. I woke up on Sunday, and saw an e-mail from my sister. She and my parents are devout Christians, so I know the rapture didn’t happen.

While I am so very disappointed that the end of the world didn’t happen, what a great weekend. The house is clean, I got to see a historic fight, and I got my burger and fries.

Message to Harold Camping: You were wrong in 1994, so you might want to give it up. 0 for 2. And even I, not 1/10th as knowledgeable about the Bible as you are, still remember Matthew 24:36. “But of that day and hour knoweth no [man], no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.” I am considering suing you for emotional pain and suffering from extreme disappointment.

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