When in Doubt, Blame Hippies

Catholic Church Blames Hippies, Not Celibacy, for All That Kid-Molesting

The hippie made me do it. OK this was just over-the-top bizarre when I heard about this on the radio. I don’t know what made these disgusting, perverted “men of God” violate children, but I know you can’t blame the long-haired, anti-war teen who was smoking weed and listening to Jimi.

Maybe it’s the forced celibacy. Maybe pedophiles just flock to this occupation. I don’t know. But if you can’t find another cause other than The Age of Aquarius, you’re not looking hard enough.

There are real victims out there, lives completely ruined. Faith shattered. Some committed suicide. And all of this can be blamed on those dirty hippies and their free-loving ways?

Give me an f’n break. I’m tired of the cover-ups, the parish transfers, the pay offs, and most of all, the excuses.

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