First Huckabee, Now Trump?

Trump Says No to Presidential Run

Man, what a bummer. I was so looking forward to both of them running. The Donald more so than Huckabee. Trump’s campaign was a train wreck waiting to happen. Now, it won’t even leave Grand Central. 😦 Being a total famewhore, I thought for sure he would run. It was all a ploy to get people to watch Celebrity Apprentice, Sundays, 9:00 PM. Now that Gary Busey and NeNe are gone, why bother?

If you listen closely, the faint wailing is the collective crying of Saturday Night Live writers. I feel your pain. What are we going to do without Mom Jeans and the Hairtrocity?

21 responses to “First Huckabee, Now Trump?

  • Don in Mass

    No great loss, as the earth will still rotate on its axis.

  • lbwoodgate

    Trump’s decision came as no surprise and Huckabee’s decision not to run was not all that surprising either. Why should he sweat the rigors of campaigning and worrying about incurring campaign debt when he can say anything he damn well pleases about Democrats and not have to worry about offending Moderates and Independents, all while getting paid handsomely by FOX

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Has there ever been such a scramble in Republican candidate to POTUS history to find the “anointed” one? Conservatives must be horrified that the conversation seems solely focused on who is dropping out and on the clownish opinions from would-be’s, rather than on who is staying in. Time’s a wastin’ people!

    • Terrance H.

      I would have never voted for Trump, period. Spinny says he’s a “famewhore” and I agree wholeheartedly. I can’t stand to even look at him.

      Newt Gingrich is a morally bankrupt pig. I’ll never vote for him either.

      I love Huckabee, so it’s unfortunate he won’t be running.

      Tim Pawlenty seems all right, but I don’t like his attempt to mold himself into the next Ronald Reagan. He’s not Ronald Reagan and never will be.

      Chris Christie is great, but he says he isn’t running.

      Mitt Romney? Flip-flopper. I’m not comfortable with someone who is for abortion, then against, then for it, then against. Not only that, but he’s too pro-business, in my view.

      Sarah Palin? Get real.

      Michelle Bachmann? I love her.

      Mitch Daniels? I like him, I guess. I really like who he says he might ask to be vice should he win the nomination: Condie! She’s “reluctantly pro-choice,” sure, but I like her nonetheless.

      Haley Barbour? I like him. But he ain’t running.

      Rudy Giulinani? Hell no. Fascist. It’s like Joe Biden said, “With Rudy, it’s always a noun, a verb, and 9-11.” He blew his wad after mentioning his role as mayor for the 100th time during a single debate in 2008.

      Jon Huntsman? I don’t know anything about him.

      Ron Paul? I like him, but I don’t think he has much of a chance to even win the nomination. No sense getting excited.

      Rick Santorum? Get real. I like all the charity work he does, but he as no shot.

      Herman Cain? I like him.

      John Bolton? HA! LOL. Good one.

      John Thune? Don’t know much about him.

      MIke Pence? I like him.

      Jim Demint? He’s okay.

      Rick Perry? No way. But he ain’t runnin’, so it don’t matter.

      Jeb Bush? Um, no.

      And a bunch of other names. The point is, I like some of them, but I’m not excited about ANY of them. And that’s a big problem.

      I might end up voting for Obama. I don’t know. If any of the people I do not like win the nomination, I’m definitely voting Obama, because I don’t like them for a good reason. And it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s that I despise them. I can’t stand to look at Newt Gingrich, for example. He disgusts me.

      • Spinny Liberal

        Dang, that’s a long ass list.

      • Snoring Dog Studio

        Terrance, you’ve put some thought into this coming election – wow. It takes time to evaluate that many candidates, but you are a thoughtful fella as I’ve always said. I confess that I haven’t been able to take any one of them seriously at this point. I’d like the field to narrow down some first so that it looks less like a carny. But, honestly, Obama is still my man.

      • Terrance H.

        LOL. When you say things like that I think you’re mocking me.

        At this point, there is more than a 50% chance I’m voting for Obama. So, right now, he’s “my man.” Step off!!!

    • Spinny Liberal

      That’s what I thought too, SDS. “Time’s a wastin’.” It’s closer than we think.

      • Snoring Dog Studio

        Terrance, hon, there was a time early on that I mocked you and I regret it. I keep learning so much about you that I like – and I’ve calmed down a lot since then.

  • afrankangle

    I never felt Trump was running … thus only bringing attention to himself. As for Huckabee, he took a page from the Palin playbook … make good money with a lot less stress.

  • Terrance H.

    I was disappointed over Huckabee’s decision not to run. But Trump? I sorta took Lawrence O’Donnell at his word when he said Trump was simply advertising his television show. And O’Donnell said many times that Trump’s “fake campaign” would be “over by May 16.” Boy, was he spot on. That’s the day NBC tells everyone what their shows for the next season will be.

    If O’Donnell wasn’t so damn liberal, I’d like him more.

    • Spinny Liberal

      Wow – May 16. Talk about sorta psychic. Celebrity Apprentice sucks. He’s been passed over for competitive reality TV shows, which pissed him off. He was trying to get more viewers, but the show just isn’t that interesting.

  • dcmartin

    I think Huckabee knew he’d have to take waaay to much scrutiny on the people he’s been taking counsel from like David Barton, Bryan Fischer, Janet Porter, etc. . When your closest advisors put forth beliefs like “Obama is a soviet spy” and that homosexuality caused the floods Noah built the Ark to escape…… you’re going to be on an extreme hotseat. The fried squirrel story pales in comparison.

  • The Hook

    Rats on a sinking ship, yes?

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