Not Just Red or Blue…Nine Political Flavors

I thought I was just an awesome shade of dark blue. Nope. I am a Post-Modern. Independent leaning Liberal? 😯 This was surprising as one of the typologies is Solid Liberal. If you read more about your type under Read the Report, you can see if you feel it’s accurate. I found out that it was.

Take the quiz, and post your flavor! It’s only 20 questions. Easy breezy.

Where Do You Fit? 2011 Pew Research Political Typology Quiz


BASIC DESCRIPTION: Well-educated and financially comfortable. Post-Moderns are supportive of many aspects of government though they take conservative positions on questions about racial policy and the social safety net. Very liberal on social issues. Post-Moderns were strong supporters of Barack Obama in 2008, but turned out at far lower rates in 2010.

DEFINING VALUES: Strongly supportive of regulation and environmental protection. Favor the use of diplomacy rather than military force to ensure peace. Generally positive about immigrants and their contributions to society.

WHO THEY ARE: The youngest of the typology groups (32% under age 30); a majority are non-Hispanic white (70%) and have at least some college experience (71%). Nearly a third (31%) are unaffiliated with any religious tradition. Half live in either the Northeast (25%) or the West (25%). A majority (58%) lives in the suburbs.

LIFESTYLE NOTES: 63% use social networking. One-in-five (20%) regularly listen to NPR, 14% regularly watch The Daily Show, 10% read the New York Times. 31% trade stocks and 53% have a passport.

20 responses to “Not Just Red or Blue…Nine Political Flavors

  • lobotero

    Solid Liberal along with 14% of the public….

  • Kendrick Macdowell

    Libertarian. But I had serious reservations about the framing of a couple of the questions. Am also skeptical of this new “post-modern” category. Have seen it referenced in a couple of other places, but it seems to conscript a textured category of philosophy in a very superficial way. Why “post-modern” instead of, say, “post-liberal” or “new liberal”? What about the phrase “post-modern” aptly describes this new category?

    • Spinny Liberal

      Those are good questions. It looks like Libertarian and Post-Modern were like the Independents who leaned Conservative and Liberal respectively. I don’t know. When I read the views and stances on issues, it seemed to jive, but the demographics were a bit off. I’m not white or young, but I do live in the West and in a suburb. Haha weird!

      ETA: I would have been much happier with your “Post-Liberal” or “New Liberal” labels.

  • afrankangle

    I took this yesterday. Sure framing of the questions matter, but it was interesting.

    One beef. Before submitting responses, one is asked to identify themselves on a scale. Then, the analysis uses a different scale.

    BTW, I too was Post-Modern. However, in my independent nature, seeing that I don’t fit the profile caused me to smile.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    Too many absolutes in that poll to make it meaningful and reliable. And it seemed as though the selections leaned toward stereotypes of the political ideologies. I like to think of myself as a bit more nuanced … and, of course, often confused and ambivalent. Perhaps I need a category called, “Ambivalently LibCons”

  • lbwoodgate

    I wound up as a solid liberal which I don’t necessarily take issue with but I think the questions are too black and white to give a more nuanced picture of who we are. But hey! Solid liberal! I can live with that but that doesn’t mean I jump on the boat with every left-leaning cause that get’s put out there.

    Without a rational, constructive conservative alternative, leaning too far in the other direction can have its problems. There simply needs to be a sense of fair play and not rigid ideologies when we make political decisions.

  • myonepreciouslife

    I came in at solid liberal, but I think there are a lot of grey area answers to those questions that those categorical answers ignore. I’m also Canadian, and as a whole, I think we lean a little lefter that you folk down south. (Although our recent incredibly depressing election would indicate otherwise.)

    • Spinny Liberal

      Definitely agree with the grey area. Yes, I have some Canadian friends who are not too happy with the Prime Minister being re-elected.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your results! 🙂

  • nonnie9999

    the test said i am a solid liberal, but i ate an awful lot of fruit today, so i’m really a gas liberal.

  • Terrance H.

    ‘Eh, it says I’m a Staunch Conservative.

    What a crock. I’m a bit liberal – on some things. The questions are loaded. I object.

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