Say Cheese, Osama!

U.S. Says Bin Laden Photo “Gruesome,” Weighs Release

This incident has produced yet another group of conspiracy theorists. We have Birthers Afterbirthers, Truthers, and now, Proofers. The Proofers aren’t buying that he is dead. Even though there was DNA evidence, a positive ID by his wife, and facial recognition, they want photos.

Some victims’ families have requested the photos. I can understand why they want to see them. They want to know for sure that their loved one’s killer is dead.

I don’t need to see them. Ideally, I would like the victims’ families to be privy to them. Proofers want them, but should they be able to see them? I don’t know. When Obama released his long form birth certificate, Birthers Afterbirthers cried, “Fake!!” within hours. I think the only thing that will satisfy them is a Kenyan/Indonesian/Alien birth certificate. Notarized and with a foot print, of course.

Will the Proofers be satisfied? Or will they say, “Nope. Not him. Nice try.” And what proof would they need? A body would have been nice, but since he’s fish food, it doesn’t matter. Would they believed it if there was a body anyway?

Despite the questions, I do think the White House will release the pictures. Just to shut people up. But we all know that won’t last long.

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