Burn in Hell, Bin Laden

Obama: Al-Qaida Head Bin Laden Dead

I want to see the bastard’s body before I do a happy dance. I am excited, though. Mainly because of the possibilities. Can we finally leave Afghanistan? I know it’s about the Taliban now, but initially, it was about this guy. Since this is a huge development, maybe Obama can use this opportunity to speed up the withdrawal. I don’t know. I should just be happy that the head honcho of terrorists is dead.

My partner is ecstatic and wants his body brought to NYC. She lived there when this happened. One of her friends had a meeting at the WTC and would have been there as the towers fell. He miraculously missed it – it wasn’t his time. To this day, she still can’t watch 9/11 documentaries. This is big for her. She gave me a hug and said, “Good day.”

10 years. It took a decade, but he’s finally gone. This was the justifiable war. He killed 3000 of our people. It was a direct attack on us. The fact that the ring leader is dead is huge.

Thank God for the tip. Thank God for the operation. Thank God for the military operatives that carried out the order. Thank God he is dead. Thank God for justice.

Allahu Akbar.

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