A Lifetime of Joy for William and Catherine!

I am taking a “royal” break from afterbirthers, gutting Medicare, and gas prices.

The Royal Wedding is just a few hours away. I hope to be blissfully asleep. My partner will probably stay up and watch. She always loved Princess Diana.

Today, people will be celebrating on a grand scale. After all, a Prince is getting married. To a commoner. It’s the stuff of fairytales.

I’m not a Royal Watcher, so this isn’t like the Olympics or anything. I just get to indulge the huge girly girl in me. I’m very excited to see the dress. I occasionally watch “Say Yes to the Dress,” so her gown is on my mind. Will it be a cake-topper with an endless train like Diana’s? Or whimsically beaded like Fergie’s? Whatever she wears, I’m sure she will be stunning. She could make a potato sack look good.

For a long time, I’ve known I probably wouldn’t do the marriage thing. Even when I was little and fantasized about the wedding, it was all about the dress. And the bridesmaids dresses. And the flowers. The groom was nowhere to be found. I guess that’s why I never really considered the marriage thing seriously. You don’t get married so you can play dress up.

Even though it’s not in my cards, I love acknowledging these milestones. We celebrate them and make memories, which I believe is what life is about.

It’s a great time to celebrate love and the potential for “happily ever after.” For a while, we put away divorce statistics and are hopeful for the bride and groom. Maybe they’ll be the ones to make it. They’re so happy and in love. It’s practically dripping off of William and Catherine.

I do have a good feeling about these two. Theirs is a romance very different from Charles and Diana. She was very young and didn’t really know him. And he was in love with another woman. Definitely not a very solid foundation, and the divorce was not too surprising.

William and Catherine, on the other hand, have been together a long time. They’ve done the breaking up, getting back together dance. There isn’t much of an age difference. And they waited until they were both ready and willing. They have a much better shot at making it.

I am excited for them and wish them all the happiness in the world. And maybe a few princes and/or princesses down the road. I hope they enjoy it as much as they can, laugh heartily, love without fear, and drink it all in today. It will make for some beautiful memories they can reminisce on whenever the mood strikes them.

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