Ron Paul for President. Again.

Ron Paul Launches Uphill Bid for 2012 White House

Ron Paul has thrown his hat in the ring. It doesn’t surprise me. This will be his 3rd run at the presidency. Even though he doesn’t have a Slurpee’s chance in hell, I take this guy a lot more seriously than the Donald.

He has solid positions, not a possible run based on one central issue: the birth certificate. I don’t know if the Donald will run, but the fact that he’s announcing either way on the final episode of The Apprentice is telling. He’s a fame whore looking for ratings.

Ron Paul does have a small group of supporters. I find him interesting. He leans Libertarian, which made sense that he ran on the ticket in ’88. The legalization of drugs and prostitution plus a more isolationist foreign policy does give him that Libertarian flavor.

I wonder if his running will influence others’ campaigns. Will we hear more about the other candidates’ positions on foreign policy because of him? The fact that his son Rand Paul got elected Senator for Kentucky shows me that maybe his influence is growing. People are tired of the wars and spending money to help other countries that can be used here at home.

His run is adding some more seasoning to the mix. And I am excited about his debate. He’s the interesting candidate that you know won’t win, but his perspective on issues will make you think.

Ron Paul for President! Just kidding. I have fun typing that.

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