Obama’s Long Form Means It’s Over, Right?

Is this enough proof for you birthers carnival barkers (I love that)? I told you he was born in the state with hula girls and pineapples.

The black guy in the White House is legit. So, run along now, Trump and Orly. Scram!

ETA: Apparently, it’s not over. Orly Taitz (the birther in charge) now believes he’s using a bogus social security number. These people will never accept the fact that a black man was elected POTUS.

13 responses to “Obama’s Long Form Means It’s Over, Right?

  • Don in Mass

    As soon as I saw his birth certificate, I had the gut feeling the wing nuts will come up with some line of bullshit. It just never ends.

  • dcmartin

    She’s also mad because it calls Obama’s father “African” instead of “Negro”. I’m sure she was hoping for that OTHER “N” word…………..

  • nonnie9999

    it’ll never be over. they knew the birth certificate bullshit was a loser, because they all knew that it existed. it seems that what they’re doing now is switching the conversation to the president’s education. now there will be the constant clamor to see all his school records. pat buchanan, racist-in-chief, almost tripped over his own tongue when he was throwing out the bullet points about affirmative action, without using the phrase. i’m so sick of these loony assholes who get tv time. the so-called news has become nothing but a sideshow. the media are just as guilty as the shitheads who spew the conspiracy theories.

  • Don in Mass

    It just goes to show, that the wing nuts will keep spouting their neanderthal bullshit, and the media will just keep giving these assholes the air time, when they should be doing journalistic work, the way its supposed to be done, instead of pandering to those jackasses.

  • Snoring Dog Studio

    And to all of the people who say, “Well, it’s about time!” and “He should have done this long ago!” I say F%%$# You! Really.

    Obama, a black man, is the ONLY president who these morons demanded a birth certificate from. These buffoons who carried on this witch hunt SHOULD be ashamed of themselves, but they don’t have the sense to.

  • lobotero

    Like I said before…it will not go away until Obama wakes up…..white

    • dcmartin

      You nailed it, lobotero.
      I was going to say “until Obama wakes up dead”, but you’re right……”white” is the only thing that will please that crowd.

      • lobotero

        The sad part is that NONE of these goofs will admit to it….they say all kinds of things but it boils down to the fact that a black man is president and they cannot believe it possible….

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